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byAshley Lyddane Beberus, February 4, 2018

Barry’s Bootcamp is a go-to workout for us. You know you’re going to get a great workout, because they have the equation down. You switch between the treadmill and the floor (unless you sign up for double floor) and you are pushed in both places, meaning one doesn’t necessarily provide you with a “break” versus the other. The instructors are well-equipped to deliver their spin on the workout and Niv was no exception. Barry’s Bootcamp NoHo has a downtown, warehouse vibe with high ceilings, exposed brick and graffiti decorating some of the walls. The actual studio is smaller than expected based on the main space, but it’s undeniably Barry’s, outfitted with their signature Woodway treadmills and floor set up. Oh, and you can’t forget that red-orange lighting.



In the workout with Niv, our first tread segment was done at jog (5.0-7.0)  and run speeds (7. -9.0). The incline varied from 0%, 3%, 5%, and 10%, some of which we took at accelerated run speeds – yes, even the 10%. The first round on the tread was 15 minutes long but it went by quickly given the way Niv broke it up. The second treadmill workout (after our first floor segment) was more about speed. The intervals were shorter (45 or 30 second long sprints) and we were able to walk our recoveries (in the first segment he urged us to jog). The second segment ended with ten 10-second dynamic-mode sprints. Dynamic-mode is when you turn off the motor of the tread and your speed comes from how hard you push…quite a way to end the tread portion of class!

The floor segments of class were, as you would expect, taxing on the full body. We used medium and heavy weights in both segments. The moves on the floor mainly consisted of lunges and lunge variations, curls, squats, rows, plyo lunges and overhead presses. Niv worked a lot of frog push-ups into this workout – these were new for us. A frog push-up is when you are in static beast position, you go down for a tricep push up and splay your knees wide out to the side so you can get deeper into your pushup. These were hard the first time we did them, and by the time we got to the fifth or sixth round it was a pathetic-looking sight even though Niv tried to encourage us.


If you need a cheerleader to get you through a Barry’s class, Niv may not be your cup of tea because that’s not who he is. He is more about giving you a great workout from design to execution. Niv has an accent (he is originally from Tel-Aviv) and he is a low talker, so if you usually wear ear plugs in Barry’s you may want to ditch them for his class. His class will get your heart pumping and get you out of your comfort zone and you will leave with a sense of accomplishment and fatigue.


Barry’s Bootcamp NoHo captures that downtown vibe. It has a big common area as you walk in with some tables and chairs set up so people can hang out before or after class. Their signature Fuel Bar is central to this space and it has several bar stools, too. If you’re not into the Fuel Bar smoothies, they have a fridge with water and coconut water so you can replenish your fluids after class. They have an entire wall of Barry’s merch (about 50 yards long!) with everything you could imagine, even Barry’s booty bands!

The signs on the locker rooms can be a little confusing so make sure you double check you are going into the right one before entering. The women’s locker room is stocked with Malin + Goetz products – they even had a Malin + Goetz candle burning. There are five showers but one was out of order. There are three hair dryers and some Degree spray deodorant. If you need anything beyond that, you are on your own. You don’t have to bring a lock as all the lockers have a digital keypad, but make sure to test them before you cram them full of your stuff, since many of them were out of order.

Barry’s Bootcamp NoHo

419 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003
NoHo Running $$$$

Barry’s Bootcamp NoHo

NoHo Bootcamp, HIIT, Running $$$$

419 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003

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