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byTori Scott, July 11, 2017

Yoga Vida’s whole shtick is that they make “yoga accessible and inclusive—without judgment, pressure or demands.” Not only do we love this philosophy, but it totally translates in practice. This isn’t one of those studios where you feel like you’re lesser if you haven’t reached some level of enlightenment or gone on a retreat to India (although Yoga Vida does offer those and they sound amazing!). This is just a “come as you are and practice yoga” type of place and we totally dig it.



Yoga Vida’s Union Square location offers a few different class options: basics, flow, restorative, deep flow, prenatal and postnatal. But “flow” aka open-level vinyasa flow is the most popular (and that’s the class we took). If you’re not familiar, it’s essentially 65 minutes of moving through a series of poses, with an emphasis on breath. What’s great about this class is that everyone from beginners to more seasoned yogis can join in on the fun. If you’ve never tried yoga, we recommend starting with a basics class.


Lindsay is a pro. Her self-described class style is “moderately-paced, athletic, Ashtanga-influenced.” Having taken her class, we totally agree. We would also add in the word dynamic. Her training definitely comes through in her teaching style. We flowed through an Ashtanga-inspired sequence, but stayed in some postures for five breathswhich if you haven’t tried can be quite challenging when you’re in high lunge twist. From sun salutation to savasana, Lindsay’s experience was evident: the flows were smooth, challenging yet doable for all levels.


Union Square is Yoga Vida’s OG location. The 6th floor space boasts two practice studios: small and large—both are stocked with the requisite blankets, mats and straps. There are also open cubbies in the practice studios where you can store personal belongings. And while there aren’t showers, there’s a single unisex bathroom in the front as well as a women’s bathroom and a handful of changing stalls in the back. There’s also mat storage, which you can rent monthly. And if you’re there a few minutes early, you can get in the zen zone on the couches in the back.

Yoga Vida Union Square

99 University Place @ 12th Street, New York, NY 10003
Union Square Yoga $$

Yoga Vida Union Square

Union Square Yoga, $$

99 University Place @ 12th Street, New York, NY 10003

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