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byRebecca Licht, December 18, 2017

PureBarre Cobble Hill is a great addition to the franchise and perfect for this low-key but fitness-focused Brooklyn neighborhood. This studio specializes in early morning and late evening classes for those who are going to or coming back from work in Manhattan, and provides a good workout consistent with the PureBarre style.



The PureBarre workout is a scripted one that doesn’t change much from studio to studio. PurBarre Cobble Hill is no exception. Each class starts with marching warmups, moving into an extended plank pose and then pushups. From there, each PureBarre class does about 10 minutes of dynamic moves with arm weights and transitions into a leg section at the barre. This class had a thigh section featuring leg lifts with our legs in a diamond shape under the barre and several side tuck exercises that worked the side of our thighs. The seat section of class included one of our favorites: pretzel pose on the floor where we struggled to lift our thigh even an inch off the ground. This class concluded with abs under the barre and then on the floor, with a c-curve section and a flat back section. Lastly, we had two and half minutes of tucks and bridges in the dark – always a great last move to encourage us to get a little more cardio in.


Good and motivating for early morning, but not many hands-on corrections. One challenge with the Pure Barre workout is that it can feel that any instructor is going through a script as opposed to motivating us through a workout. Kate’s music was mostly Top 40 pop and she did a great job of transitioning quickly from one part of class to the next, with no wasted time. This was a very efficient workout! We’ll give Kate a lot of credit for teaching so early in the morning and appreciated her upbeat tone, but we’d love for her to start giving more corrections in class to help make our barre workout more effective.


Decorated like every other Pure Barre studio in reds and grays, this studio has a great retail section where they sell used PB equipment (balls, mats, bands) in addition to PB videos. The changing area is fairly small and there are no showers. There are lots of lockers available to store belongings during class, but we find most people in the neighborhood just stow their shoes under the bench right by the door of class, which makes the entrance a bit crowded. The studio itself is large and airy, and is frequented by a good mix of ages and exercise levels, primarily women.

Pure Barre Brooklyn Cobble Hill

266 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Cobble Hill Barre $$$$

Pure Barre Brooklyn Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill Barre, $$$$

266 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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