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byHeidi Borenstein, March 30, 2019

One of the OGs in the boutique fitness scene, it seems like Barry’s Bootcamp studios are popping up everywhere lately! For good reason, as these classes offer a consistently exhausting workout that will leave your endorphins high and your clothing very sweaty. These workouts aren’t for the faint of heart and definitely benefit from participants coming in with some baseline level of physical fitness and knowledge of basic weighted exercises. If running isn’t your jam, then select a “double floor” spot, but we do think the main draw of Barry’s is the interplay between cardio and weights. Step into the red room (of pain?) and you’ll quickly realize why this workout has a worldwide cult following.



Class is split into two groups, the floor and the tread, which are directed simultaneously like a finely choreographed song and dance. Typically, the workout is broken up into two or three rounds, so you’ll see the treadmill and the floor a couple times – unless it’s a dreaded “dirty thirty” which is just what it sounds like: two long rounds, one on the tread and one on the floor (ouch!).  It’s up to you where you start, but pro tip, if you start on the tread you can listen to the floor routine while you run to make a more informed choice for the weights you’ll select later on!

As we headed into the “red room”, high-fiving the instructor as we passed through the door, we made our way to a treadmill spot and completed the first longer round, which consisted of a six-and-a-half-minute warm-up and then a series of two-minute efforts that saw us jogging, running and sprinting on flat and inclined roads. Then we swapped to the floor, where we used a resistance band for bicep curls, heavy and medium weights for various weighted arm movements, and had some ab exercises sprinkled in throughout. Then it was back to the tread for a quick six-minute sprint series, and we finished on the floor with an EMOM (every minute on the minute) series of arm and ab movements.

Swapping between tread and floor is the signature of Barry’s Bootcamp, but a slight drawback is the traffic jam that can sometimes occur at the weights station as people are grabbing and returning equipment all at the same time.


If Barry’s Bootcamp is a performance, Charlie is the star lead actor, effortlessly instructing what is essentially two workout classes at one time. His positivity is contagious, and his uplifting statements make you want to sprint faster and lift heavier. His killer playlists are timed perfectly with his treadmill programming, and so on point that sometimes Beyonce counts you down at the end of a sprint, with the speed of your feet in sync to the beat of the music. His instructions are clear, he demonstrates every move on the floor, and he’s an upbeat cheerleader who talks just enough, but not excessively. Charlie has a definite following at Barry’s and we are on board!


The Upper West Side location of Barry’s, lovingly called “Barry’s Brownstone”, is kind of like walking into your friend’s place in a quiet neighborhood. The newest studio in New York, tucked away on a quiet street by the park, is much homier than some of the more industrial looking locations, right down to the fireplace next to the entrance. Ear plugs, bobby pins and hair ties are located at the front desk should you need them, and the fuel bar is well stocked with snacks and the usual smoothie blends. The changerooms can feel a bit tight between classes, but that is forgiven in exchange for the Oribe shower products, deodorant, fluffy towels and hair dryers available for use. Four showers and three toilets are usually enough, though sometimes you can see lines before or after a very busy class. Consider skipping the end of class stretch if you need to hop in the shower and leave ASAP.

Barry’s Bootcamp Upper West Side

72-74 W 69th St, New York, NY 10023
Upper West Side HIIT $$$$

Barry’s Bootcamp Upper West Side

Upper West Side Bootcamp, HIIT $$$$

72-74 W 69th St, New York, NY 10023

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