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byMadeleine Hoffman, February 15, 2019

The FlyBarre Sport class is a hyped-up version of your typical FlyBarre class, incorporating more cardio-focused movements into the mix. Karli Alvino is its equivalent of teachers. While we tend to break a sweat in most of the classes we take, a barre class doesn’t usually leave us sweat-EY, this one will. So, don’t let the ‘barre’ in the title mislead you. In Karli’s class, she can be counted on to deliver a great workout and bring the energy that’ll keep you going through the end.. we will definitely go back for more.



The 50 minute Sport class follows a similar format to its roots, beginning with a warm-up and then into targeted sections of core, arms, abs, thighs and glutes. It’s apparent right from the warm-up though that this is a more intense version with more cardio and less stretching. We did moves like weighted jumping jacks, jump squats, speed skaters and mountain climbers just to name a few during the cardio breaks. Transitioning from standing to the mat for the targeted sections, we did sit-ups, pulled on resistance bands for arms, thighs and glutes as well as lifted weights. As the 50 minutes came to an end, it was stretch time winding down with some flexibility holds and a few deep breaths.


Karli instructed us through each movement with music that kept us pulsing and enthusiasm that motivated us to keep going. She is relatable and welcoming, throwing in some humor and sarcasm with a smile throughout class that is a much-needed distraction. Karli does the class with you leading the movements from the center of the class and then moves around to make form corrections… these FlyBarre teacher’s really have eye’s in the back of their heads so watch out.  

FlyWheel Sports – Precision Training – Midtown East

201 E 67th St, New York, NY 10065
Midtown East Spin $$$$

FlyWheel Sports – Precision Training – Midtown East

Midtown East Spin, Barre $$$$

201 E 67th St, New York, NY 10065

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