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byRebecca Licht, September 24, 2017

We would best describe the Barre offerings at Flex Studios NYC for people who want a focus on toning and less on sweating. Located in NoHo, Flex Studios NYC is a luxurious and pristine and the teachers are incredibly friendly – head on in if you are a Pilates fanatic looking to expand your horizons!



Kelsey led the class through dance-focused choreography where we did each movement with one leg, then the other instead of fatiguing a whole muscle group at once before moving on. We started out with a dynamic warm up and arms section with light weights, then the rest of class worked some combination of abs/legs/seat. We could definitely tell that Flex is known for their Pilates classes as a lot of these moves felt focused on lengthening our muscles and creating better posture. Overall, we liked this class and would recommend it for Pilates aficionados who are looking to get a little more cardio in with their workout.


Kelsey was bubbly and engaging and made a lot of form corrections. We didn’t love her choice of music, as it was pretty subdued for an already rainy day and early morning, but she more than made up for it with her upbeat tone. Per our workout review, we felt like FlexBarre was a good combo of barre and Pilates. Kelsey was knowledgeable about modifications and checked to see if anyone in class had any injuries, in addition to going around throughout the class to make sure we were doing okay. It made us want to come back to this studio and try a Pilates class with Kelsey next time!  


Flex Studios NYC is a bit hard to find when we were getting off the street – it’s on the third floor of an office building. But once we got inside we loved the whole vibe, everything was luxe and soft gray, with space age looking clear plastic lockers and two studios, as well as a single shower and several stalls for changing. This led to a bit of a line for the shower after morning class but nothing too bad due to small class sizes. There’s also a large, comfortable waiting area for before class which is stocked with hair accessories (like bobby pins and hair elastics) and magazines. The front desk staff were very warm and engaging and all of them were super fit – clearly they attend their own classes. The one drawback to this studio is that the studios themselves feel a bit small. There are high ceilings and large glass windows onto the hallway, but the actual spaces are narrow which give a bit of a fishbowl effect. Flex has the feel of a studio that famous people would frequent-  boutique, high-end and secluded.

Flex Studios NoHo

3rd Floor, 650 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
NoHo Pilates $$$$

Flex Studios NoHo

NoHo Pilates, Barre $$$$

3rd Floor, 650 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

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