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byTori Scott, August 14, 2017

SoulCycle has landed on Martha’s Vineyard in a major way. Whoever thought island time was for relaxing and lying on the beach was sorely mistaken as the fitness scene is alive and well on Martha’s Vineyard. SoulCycle is popping up in Edgartown for 3 fleeting weeks. They have taken over a pre-existing exercise studio and transformed it into a SoulCycle oasis that fits perfectly into the island surroundings and welcomes people with open arms. It’s exactly what you would hope for in a “Destination SoulCycle.” Community, island vibes, limited-time retail, and sweaty rides.



For the most part, all SoulCycle classes follow the same formula: saddle up, warm up, and then a combination of sprints and climbs. Throughout the class, you’ll do a lot of tap backs, sometimes even a double tap. You’ll do push-ups and sit ups on the bike and get ready to engage that core. Your hands will bounce between 1st (near handlebar), 2nd (middle bar) and 3rd position (side bars), and sometimes you will even go around the world: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

After you’re tired out, you slow your legs and work your arms with small dumbbells (1, 2 & 3 lbs available). After arms, the music slows down and the candles are lit and you just ride. No words, no rap music, just quiet songs with only the sounds of the wheels turning together as the “pack” becomes one. It’s your moment to breathe, relax and be one with your thoughts. After one song of therapy, the music kicks back up and you finish the class with one last push.


Just because we are on an island doesn’t mean the instructors are on island time, far from it. The classes are on fire and we might even beg to say that the teachers are upping their game due to the intimate vibe and straight up electric energy in the building. All of the teachers have been shipped in from surrounding cities – Boston, New York, DC, Chicago, and CT. So you can keep your affinities or spread your wings and ride with some new blood. Whomever you choose, you will not be disappointed as Soul has brought some of the best on the East Coast.


The beautiful open lobby welcomes you with a check-in desk and full spread of retail. There are plenty of opportunities to get your instagram worthy pics in, be it on the shingled wall with a picture of Martha’s Vineyard, on the Soul beach cruiser bike, or on the front porch clad in your Soul towel sitting in a yellow Adirondack chair.

There are cubbies in the lobby to store all your belongings but no lockers or USB chargers like in the city locations (let’s not get greedy!). The gear is lit and all clad with MVYD. Anyone who is anyone is wearing their tank, tee, or capris straight down Main Street like a badge of honor.

The spin studio is located in the basement and it is packed, but the close-knit vibe is perfect for the island community. Beware: the spin room gets H-O-T, as in sweaty mess hot. So make sure to grab your complimentary Smart Water (or two) on your way down and be prepared to sweat your rum punch or g&t straight onto the floor or your neighbor on the bike next to you.

There are bathrooms, but no showers…that’s what the ocean is for.

SoulCycle Martha’s Vineyard

250 Upper Main Street, Edgartown, MA 02539
Suburbs Spin $$$$$

SoulCycle Martha’s Vineyard

Suburbs Spin, $$$$$

250 Upper Main Street, Edgartown, MA 02539

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