Rev’d Indoor Cycling Dedham



byMel Klein, September 8, 2017

Sandwich a sleek and spacious spin studio in between a Whole Foods and a nail salon, and you’ve “basic”ally got a full-proof business strategy. Based on our visit to Rev’d Dedham at Legacy Place, this plan seems to be working out just fine.



Rev’d Dedham’s Ride 45 class can best be described as a hybrid of some of our favorite downtown Boston studios with a friendly neighborhood vibe. Think BSpoke caliber bikes, Soul Cycle inspired choreography, synced to colorful lighting that was reminiscent of TurnStyle. There was a steady amount of choreography, which we found to be challenging, but taught in a way that would appeal to all levels of experience. There was a lot of speed work as well, but minimal hills in this particular class. However, we were given a freestyle song after the arm routine which was a nice opportunity for us to crank up the resistance and test out our own choreography (we learned that it’s probably best if we keep our day jobs!)


Cody L was dynamic and one of the most welcoming instructors we’ve encountered in a while. He took the time to introduce himself to each of the new riders in class, and even came by to check in with us a couple of times. It made sense that his class was taught in an equally engaging way. He worked to keep the energy high and the class in sync but we think that the sound system needed a better balance between the mic and the music so that the cues are more audible. But, in our opinion, any playlist that spans Whitney Houston to T-Pain can override the mic any day.


Rev’d Dedham is a spacious and modern studio space with friendly staff and ample parking. Shoes are available to rent for $2, which was absolutely worth it because they were so new, they shined. The floor shined to, but we tried to stick to the carpeted parts because it was actually quite slick in spin shoes!

There are unlocked cubbies for storage and two large bathrooms, stocked with products contributed Whole Foods next door. Who doesn’t love a good partnership opportunity? The bathrooms also serve as changing rooms, but if you’re trying to head straight to work, know that they don’t have showers here – at least any that we could find.

The actual spin room had a curtain entrance, which we can’t say we’ve seen before, but was a fun touch. The bikes are set up in two long rows facing the podium with two small side sections next to the instructor’s podium. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for a spin!

Rev’d Indoor Cycling Dedham

81 Legacy Blvd Suite #2 Dedham, MA 02016
Suburbs Spin $$$

Rev’d Indoor Cycling Dedham

Suburbs Spin, $$$

81 Legacy Blvd Suite #2 Dedham, MA 02016

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