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byTori Scott, March 12, 2017

The Seaport is on fire. We’d suggest walking, actually no, running to the Seaport because damn it’s just HOT. First, every cool start up under the sun moves there, then Row 34 opens, and then Chef Chloe comes all the way from New York with vegan food. And now, SoulCycle has joined the cool kids and opened its doors.

By now everyone has heard of SoulCycle and if you haven’t you’re living under a rock (sorry, but it’s the truth). SoulCycle has singlehandedly made spinning cool and is more like a workout experience on a spin bike than a spin class. We see is as a place where sweat and inspiration meet. Let’s be clear though, the workouts are what you make of them. You can coast through or you can take another turn on the resistance dial and get uncomfortable. We control our own destiny at SoulCycle which is empowering but at the same time, if we aren’t sure of what we are capable of, we sometimes walk away wishing we had pushed a little harder.



Most SoulCycle classes follow the same formula: saddle up, warm up, then complete combinations of sprints, hills and runs all whilst riding to the beat of the music. And it’s not just about moving your legs, instructors add in elements of choreography throughout the class: tap backs, push ups, core work, and sometimes even a double tap. Three quarters of the way into class you will have one song dedicated to arm weights. After arms the music slows down, candles are lit, and you have a song to yourself to “just ride. No words, just the sound of the wheels turning together as the pack of riders become one. After the one song therapy sesh the music kicks back up and you head “home” with one last push.

Now the general formula may be the same, but every instructor adds their own special touch, and they all have their own. Playlists, choreography, pace of class, motivational words and personal character are all instructor dependent. So pick your poison.


Uh-oh Boston, we smell trouble. Fresh meat has arrived. Now maybe it’s because The Bachelor is top of mind, but when Dillion spoke his first words into the mic, we could have sworn that he was Nick Viall. We did a really long double take, and it definitely wasn’t our last. Ladies look out. We have a sneaky suspicion that the front row of his classes are going to be filling up quickly.

Now, as for Dillon’s ability to actually teach (because it would be just plain rude to judge someone on looks alone – our parents raised us better than that), his class is FAST, like really fast. As in we’re pretty sure there was only one speed… FAST. So if you’re looking for hills or any real form of resistance, we’d recommend opting for another instructor. His class was 90% out of the saddle. He included the typical choreography combinations – tap backs, push ups, crunches – nothing too crazy but when combined with fast beats it’s sure to get your heart racing (or maybe that was from us staring). Music highlights? There was the fair share of EDM but the high point for us had to have been the remix of The Cutting Edge soundtrack hit “Ride on Time.” There we go dating ourselves – don’t tell Dillion.


The studio address is 101 Seaport Blvd, but the entrance to the studios is located on the small side street right off of Seaport Blvd. So don’t go looking for the yellow wheel on the main drag. When you walk in the main entrance you can essentially see the entire space as it’s one small rectangle. Off the entrance is a small retail area along with the reception desk. Lockers flank the lobby area as you make your way back to the spin studio and locker rooms. While the lobby may be tight, and a little bit of a bottleneck, the spin room and locker rooms are spacious. The spin room holds 57 bikes, the largest in Boston, and there is actually space so you won’t feel on top of other riders. The Women’s locker room has five showers and three bathrooms while the Men’s locker room has four showers. The Seaport location boasts all of the usual amenities (towels, bath products, hair dryers, etc.) that we’ve come to expect at SoulCycle.  

SoulCycle Seaport

101 Seaport Blvd, Boston MA 02210
Fort Point Spin $$$

SoulCycle Seaport

Fort Point Spin, $$$

101 Seaport Blvd, Boston MA 02210