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byTori Scott, June 18, 2017

My, my, my. I think we just fell in love. The team at B/SPOKE just upped the whole “boutique fitness” thing in a major way. Our love affair started from the moment we spotted the new B/SPOKE grey brick facade (Sherwin-Williams Peppercorn if you’re interested) on Central Street. The new sprawling digs sit right on the main drag in Wellesley Center and wooed us right out of the gate. But this place is not just a pretty face. The entire studio is breathtaking. Remember when we said we wanted the bathroom design from the Federal Street studio? Well now we want to move into the Wellesley studio and stay forever. The meticulous detail that went into every aspect of the build out is accompanied by high end customer service and instructors that are trained and deliver classes with playlists that never cease to amaze us.



As most you know the ingredients for spin classes are generally the same. Hills + Sprints + Recovery + Choreography + Weights + Music. How you mix the special sauce varies studio to studio. The special sauce at B/Spoke keeps getting spicier and we dig it. At B/SPOKE the little things might change from instructor to instructor, but the core workout remains the same. Instructors deliver well thought out classes from start to finish that incorporate the right amount of hills, sprints, choreography, weights and kick ass music.


Kara Lennon just keeps getting better and we freakin’ love it. Apparently when you commit to something full time and devote all your time and efforts to being the best you can be, shit pays off. Her presence on the podium makes it feel like that bike was made for her.  Kara led us through a sold out Friday 9:30AM ride (it’s Wellesley folks) with clear commands, well timed choreography (and not too much of it), inspiring words, and the perfect combo of hills & sprints. The arm series was no joke, perhaps Kara’s new gig at Barry’s is giving her some new tricks. And remember in her Federal Street review when we told you Kara was cooler than cool? Well she didn’t tone it down just because she’s in the suburbs.


When you enter the studio off Central Street you walk into an open space and descend down a grand staircase to the main lobby. (Note: There is also a back entrance off of Church Street. But if you are a first timer to the studio we suggest getting the full experience and enter off Central). The front desk staff greets you as you check in with complimentary shoe rental. Also in the main lobby is a retail store that has all the latest apparel from some of your favorite trendy brands.

As we continue through the space we are greeted by a water station that looks more like a beer tap room then a water fountain. The locker rooms are top notch with plenty of space to spread out, sit down and not get bumped by 10 people in the process. Details, details, details. The die cut metal bathroom gender sign may have been our favorite part…  or maybe the Matouk shower curtains??? Wellesley residents, you’ll feel right at home. There are 2 bathroom stalls and 4 showers. Aesop products are spread throughout – mouthwash, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

The spin room hosts 51 bikes and they are not your everyday spin bike. These bikes are like the Lamborghini of spin bikes. Word on the street is that SoulCycle is rolling out the same bikes in their New York studios starting this Spring. The majority of the bikes have SPD clips, but if you love your Look clips and maybe ride at SoulCycle from time to time (we won’t tell B/SPOKE) the front row bikes are all equipped with Look clips. The bikes even have computer monitors for all of you number chasers. But in typical B/SPOKE fashion, no one spoke of them.

B/SPOKE Studios Wellesley

50 Central St, Wellesley, MA 02482
Suburbs Spin $$$

B/SPOKE Studios Wellesley

Suburbs Spin $$$

50 Central St, Wellesley, MA 02482

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