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byTori Scott, October 16, 2015

Everyone has heard of SoulCycle by now and if you haven’t you’re living under a rock. SoulCycle is an inspirational workout experience on a spin bike. The workouts are what you make of them. You can coast through or you can take another turn on that dial and get uncomfortable. The resistance wheel is all on you. You control your own destiny which is empowering and at the same time if you don’t know how far you are capable of pushing you may walk away wishing you had pushed a little harder.

SoulCycle ain’t cheap and it is a scene. See and be SEEN. We like to think of SoulCycle like a dessert. It is a great treat every once in awhile but eat a pint of ice cream every day and you start to…not like ice cream so much. It is a good workout don’t get us wrong and it is cheaper than therapy but it isn’t realistic as an everyday fitness routine. So when you want a little Soul in your life to do “you” indulge.



For the most part all SoulCycle classes follow the same formula. Saddle up, warm up and then a combination of sprints and climbs. SoulCycle Beacon Hill is no different. Throughout the class will do a lot of tap backs, sometimes even a double tap. You will do push ups and sit ups on the bike. Get ready to engage that core. Your hands will bounce between 1st (near handle bar), 2nd (middle bar) and 3rd position (side bars) and sometimes you will even go around the world. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Good luck with that one.

After you are tired out you slow your legs and work your arms with small dumbbells (1, 2 & 3 lbs available). After arms the music slows down the candles are lit you just ride. No words, no rap music, quiet songs with only sounds of the wheels turning together as the “pack” becomes one. It’s your moment to breath, relax and be one with your thoughts. After one song of therapy the music kicks back up and you finish the class out with one last push.


HOLY. SHIT. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the big leagues. (Well, mostly ladies and some gentlemen, but you get the point.) Erin Lindsay folks. Best. Of. Boston. Erin is so legit it makes us shake in our clip shoes and wonder what the hell just happened in that room for 45 minutes. You want to play with the big boys, you want to sweat with the big boys, you want to burn cals with the big boys, you want to work as hard as the big boys, you go ride with Erin.

Two words of advice before you ride: put enough resistance on the wheel (ie. don’t dog it) and please god make sure your legs ride in sync with Erin’s. No one wants to hear their name called out over the mic.


When you walk into the Beacon Hill studio you are immediately greeted by an open space, which is a nice welcome changed to the studios in Boston. The spin studio is a long rectangular layout with 57 bikes, just one less then Back Bay. But the bikes are more spread out which gives classes that aren’t full seem to feel a little empty and lifeless. We personally like to feel connected to our pack when we ride and hate to feel alone. Don’t go looking for the locker rooms that are in Back Bay. The bathroom sinks are out in the open so when you’re putting on make up before work or post class before your date just know everyone will see your business.

SoulCycle Beacon Hill

300 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02114
Beacon Hill Spin $$$

SoulCycle Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Spin $$$

300 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02114

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