B/SPOKE Studios Downtown



byTori Scott, January 15, 2018

By now everyone in Boston has heard of the big dogs: SoulCycle and FlyWheel. But you might not have heard of B/SPOKE, and we recommend getting to know them. Their space in downtown Boston is beautiful (read: small but beautiful). Goodbye stark white walls with mantras and hello wood paneling and sophisticated design. The attention to detail in the space makes you feel right at home from the moment you step in the door. But don’t get too comfortable: as soon as the lights go down and the music starts pumping, you’re going to start to sweat…a lot (or maybe that was just us).

If you are going to take a class at B/SPOKE, make sure to take advantage of the entire studio. Go before work or a big date. Take a shower, use the hair straighteners, spoil yourself with Aesop shampoo and conditioner. And also, make sure to pick up some gear. The merchandise is legit.



The ingredients for spin classes are generally the same. Hills + Sprints + Recovery + Push Ups + Bouncing + Tap Backs + Weights + Music. How you mix the special sauce varies from studio to studio. The special sauce at B/SPOKE was good and left us wanting more. Although it was a little heavy on the push ups and bouncing for our tastes (up and down, up and down), perhaps it’s just that we may have missed the cues to stop while the music was drowning out Katie’s voice.

We’re still not sure why there are computers attached to the bikes. No one spoke of them. We did receive an emailed report after class but we’re still not sure what the purpose is. Either take them off, or put them to use. We suggest putting them to use.


You know that feeling you get when you walk into a sold out spin class, you look around and know that every single person in the room is ready to work and work damn hard? That was exactly what went down late on Wednesday night with Aly Raymer and not just this time, but every damn time we ride with her. We’ll say it once and hopefully not have to repeat ourselves…Don’t f*ck with Aly.  Don’t let the cute outfits and blonde hair fool you. Aly means business. She showed us why she is one of the best in Boston. Come ready to work, sweat and perhaps push yourself past where you thought you could go. Sign of a good teacher, right?

What we loved most about Aly, aside from her no bullshit attitude was that she put a major emphasis on actually having riders ride to the BEAT of the music…imagine that.  Throughout the 60 minute ride she continually cued us, “right, left, right, left”. This made sure we all had the right resistance on the wheel and that we rode as one.


Five stars for the space. From the lobby to the locker rooms to the studio space itself, everything at B/Spoke in Downtown Boston is meticulously designed. If we were building a home we would start with the bathrooms for inspiration. (@B/SPOKE – where did you get those sink fixtures?)

There are amenities aplenty. Six showers, two bathrooms, Aesop Bath products, lockers, hairdryers, straighteners, towels and free shoe rental. All that for $27 dollars a ride? (Tip: it’s even less if you buy a package). We suggest getting to know B/SPOKE.

B/SPOKE Studios Downtown

101 Federal Street, Boston, MA
Financial District Spin $$$

B/SPOKE Studios Downtown

Financial District Spin $$$

101 Federal Street, Boston, MA

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