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byAshley Marand, July 1, 2019

Is swearing allowed on here? Because holy f*@k, where do we begin? If you’re looking for the type of ride that changes your life on a weekly basis, in a studio that doesn’t miss a single detail, look no further. From the space and workout to the community and instructor, our experience at SPARKCYCLE La Jolla was top notch, and we can’t wait to tell you and all our friends all about it.



A workout doesn’t even begin to describe the incredible experience we had on our bikes. Shannon got things going fast and kept the energy and the pace up the entire time. Whether it was sprinting or climbing a hill, every single person in that room – Shannon included, which was incredibly impressive – was stomping to the beat in perfect unison. We were all sweating, dancing, laughing, and cheering together and before we knew it, the 45-minute class was over as quickly as it started. You know you’ve had an amazing workout when the time flies and you’re almost sad the experience is over!

As spin class veterans, we’ve come to expect the sprints, climbs, tap backs, and jumps but we were extremely pleased and surprised with all the creative new moves and choreography Shannon was able to work into her sequence. She even took a different approach to the weighted arm section, working in triceps and pulsing moves whereas we feel a lot of instructors typically only focus on shoulders and biceps.

To top it all off, her playlist was EN FUEGO (insert fire emoji)! Girl, can we get a link to your Spotify? The soundtrack to our ride was filled with lots of pop, hip-hop and electronic tracks mixed with house music and layered so well that you could barely tell where one song ended and the next began. The only way it could have been better is if a DJ was mixing our ride live – but honestly, it was pretty close.


We knew we were in for a treat when nearly the entire class started cheering when Shannon walked into the room. People were HYPED UP.


Despite the fact that there were obviously many SPARKCYCLE addicts in the room, Shannon still took a few minutes before getting us into the workout to explain the bike and how the class would go. She also noted that she’d give us instruction the whole way through. It was a small but thoughtful gesture as an instructor because a room full of highly-energetic spin class pros who all seem to be best friends would be an intimidating situation to walk into as a spinning newbie.


Shannon’s instruction was seamless; she kept us all hyped up and sprinkled in just enough inspirational talk for us to know it was truly authentic and not just a motivational script she’d memorized.

What she stressed most was that we ride as one. At the beginning of class, she had us quickly say hello to our neighbors and promise to use our energy to inspire our fellow riders to go just a little bit harder. Before the end of class, she reminded us that while we can each accomplish so much alone, together we create something so much more special – a concept we loved. What sets the good instructors apart from the ones who build cult followings are their abilities to transform our time spent together from a workout into something SO MUCH deeper than that.

Her workout was tough for sure, but what really pushes Shannon into superstar status is the incredible experience and community she’s built and fostered at SPARKCYCLE. Shannon’s energy and attitude is contagious, and the magic that takes place during one of her classes is what keeps people coming back.


SPARKCYCLE La Jolla is one of the few studios in the area that delivers on their premium promises and high-end price point. A drop-in here will set you back $24, but it’s money well spent. At each class, you’re provided with a complimentary shoe rental, a towel that is always perfectly rolled and placed on your bike, and a cool eucalyptus towel brought to you at the end of the workout while you’re still on your bike. There are also plenty of lockers available for use, in addition to bathrooms and showers.

The studio’s equipment is the latest and greatest. Their state-of-the-art Stages bikes are carefully arranged across stadium risers to make sure every rider has a great view. The spin room is kept dark with red glowing light to start, but that quickly changes as there are many dynamic overhead and floor lighting options for the instructor to pair with the thumping, crystal clear audio system.

The staff is always friendly and goes the extra mile to make sure their members consistently have the best experience possible. What we appreciated most was how well-staffed the studio was at a busy after-work time slot. There was always someone at the front desk, in addition to two girls inside the studio to assist with setting bikes up and answering any other questions or concerns. We also noticed that as we cleared out at the end of class, they were coming in to wipe down the bikes before the next class, so you can rest assured that the studio is being sanitized.


2835 Perry Rd, San Diego, CA 92106
La Jolla Spin $$$


La Jolla Spin, $$$

2835 Perry Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

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