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byLizzie Valentin, December 9, 2018

Haven’t been to SoulCycle LAJO yet? Drop what you’re doing, find your nearest studio, and book your bike! Lucky for us in San Diego, the city’s first SoulCycle arrived in Spring 2018. Let us start by emphasizing that SoulCycle has a vibe like no other. SoulCycle has you riding to better yourself – not against your neighbor – which we can really get behind. SoulCycle LAJO leaves you feeling like you just saw your therapist while simultaneously dancing on a bike. Sounds weird, right? We guess you’ll just have to experience it for yourself!



SoulCycle incorporates a lot of choreography and out of the saddle runs, so if you’re a newbie at SoulCycle (or spin), it can be overwhelming. If the choreography is not for you, you have a choice to modify (with zero judgement). If we’re being honest, some of the choreo can be daunting if done improperly, so we often modify as well. Today’s class eased us into the party with moderate choreography and a steady beat. We then moved into sprints, double tap-backs, body rolls, push-ups, and four corners. We were mostly at a low resistance. Next up was a (long) arm song that left our arms quivering! We always forget how fatigued our arms get using 3 lb weights! After the arm song, Maya blew out the candles and mellowed the music. She asked us to to take deep breaths, reflect on the class, and simply sway uphill to the beat. After mellowing out for a few minutes, Maya brought the intensity back with the last song. You guessed it…sprints. And finally, a 3 minute stretch. SoulCycle LAJO was the perfect start to our day!


Maya is the real deal. So inspiring and such a sweetheart! Maya opens up about her life experiences, which resonates with many riders. She makes you feel like you can conquer your fears and pressures – both in and out of the studio. And don’t even get us started with her music choices. She plays banger after banger! Think Drake to Skrillex to Diplo. Maya is not to be missed!


SoulCycle LAJO follows the same aesthetic as all SoulCycle locations. It’s a sleek white studio with bright yellow accents. The check-in lobby is always clean, bright, and with lots of SoulCycle apparel. The front desk offers clip-in shoe rentals and bottled Fiji water for $3 each. They have a few showers, changing rooms, bathrooms and “get ready” stations with mirrors, blow dryers, Q-Tips, and deodorant. SoulCycle also provides the crème de la crème of bathroom amenities – Le Labo shampoo, conditioner, body gel, face wash, and lotion. However, in the morning, the showers tend to get backed up as people get ready for work.  

Important to note: the studio is located inside the massive UTC mall. You’ll probably have a tough time finding it. We highly recommend giving yourself plenty of time to park, find the studio, and get set up on your bike (an additional 20-30 minutes for your first visit)! Another downside is that this mall is set to begin charging for parking sometime in the fall and it has not been determined what type of validation will be provided by SoulCycle. Plan accordingly!

SoulCycle La Jolla

4303 La Jolla Village Dr #2108, San Diego, CA 92122
La Jolla Spin $$$$

SoulCycle La Jolla

La Jolla Spin, $$$$

4303 La Jolla Village Dr #2108, San Diego, CA 92122

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