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byAshley Marand, March 6, 2019

Elite Yoga is a boutique yoga studio located in the heart of La Jolla with a variety of intimate, heated and non-heated classes. The studio offers classes ranging from Vinyasa to lesser known formats such as Bheemashakti and Ashtanga. The class we took was small (perhaps due to the 9 AM time slot during the holidays), and Elite Yoga’s clientele appears to be slightly older than the millennial crowds frequenting other studios nearby. But don’t let that fool you; the staff and yogis are experienced, knowledgeable and above all else, friendly.



We signed up for the Mixed Vinyasa class, a non-heated flow suitable for all levels (though previous exposure to a Vinyasa class is recommended). The sequences were creative and challenging, but not in the way a Level 2 Vinyasa class is, with plenty of opportunities to deepen or advance postures further. We’d say this class is similar to a Level 1.5 Vinyasa. Throughout class, there was a very strong emphasis on alignment and breath as tools to cultivate balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. Classgoers can expect to explore sun salutations, along with standing, balancing and reclining postures, all woven together with much more unique and creative transitions than in your standard Vinyasa class. To be candid, we weren’t sure what to expect when we walked in the door as there were only two other students in class, but we were pleasantly surprised and delighted with the fluidity and quick, but not strenuous, pace of the flow.


Elite Yoga’s website describes Mike’s classes as demanding and kind, and we couldn’t agree more. His sequences were fast-paced and explored many twists, turns and extensions of the body, yet were also so beautifully juxtaposed by his soothing tone and seamless delivery of cues. His instruction encourages students to meticulously examine their own bodies and alignment with gentle suggestions for delving deeper. His constant reminders to draw our attention back to our breath were immensely appreciated and served as a useful tool for a more mindful practice. He provided plenty of attention and adjustments to each student, making us feel seen and cared for. Mike also worked in pranayama exercises at the start of class, which we loved, as they set the tone for an intentional and mindful asana practice. Prior to the start of class, he also took the time to give us a quick tour of the studio and learned our names. Once class concluded, he made sure to make himself available to students and impressively, even remembered our names!


It took us a few loops around the block to locate Elite Yoga, so here’s a helpful tip: the studio is in the same parking lot as Vons. As such, there’s plenty of parking available to classgoers. The studio is clean and has lots of high end finishes, such as limestone walls and marble countertops, but doesn’t feel elite (despite its name) or unapproachable. As far as amenities, there are cubbies and lockers for storing your personal belongings during class. There are restrooms and one shower. The yoga room itself is of medium size, with hardwood floors and a mirror running along the wall and plenty of yoga accessories such as blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets. Overall, the studio has a peaceful, content energy about it and is a serene space to practice yoga.

Elite Yoga

7514 Girard Ave #3, La Jolla, CA 92037
La Jolla Yoga $$$

Elite Yoga

La Jolla Yoga, $$$

7514 Girard Ave #3, La Jolla, CA 92037

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