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byAshley Marand, March 30, 2019

At street level, Trilogy Sanctuary is barely noticeable aside from two signs: one marks the entrance and the other adorns the top of the building. Both could be easily overlooked, but a quick ascent above La Jolla Cove drops you into Trilogy Sanctuary, an eclectic, bohemian rooftop wellness center with views of the Pacific Ocean. And the space is so much more than that: it’s a vibrant community space with a transcendent energy inviting you to nourish and deeply explore your mind, body and spirit with the center’s many and varied services, products, classes, workshops and events.



Trilogy Sanctuary offers an expansive list of yoga classes from aerial and prenatal yoga to more traditional Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes. We took one of the studio’s signature classes – “Strength & Serenity” – which is touted as 50 minutes of powerful strength building series followed by 20 minutes of a deep, sensual restorative stretch session. While we didn’t feel that format was obvious throughout class, Strength & Serenity did deliver on its promise of a thoughtful, dynamic class designed to encourage you to explore the connection between the body and breath. This is NOT your standard, Chaturanga-filled vinyasa class. Class-goers can expect creative movements and mindful transitions that drive you to feel grounded in your body. While the website says the class is suitable for all levels, it’s better for those with a strong foundation in yoga as there are many balancing postures and longer holds for poses. The class format also invites you to bring in any organic movements that call out to your body, which someone with a frequent yoga practice may love, but may feel intimidating to others.


Hannah is an extremely thoughtful and creative yoga instructor with a refreshing and educated cueing style. At the start of class, she took time to introduce herself to all students and to ask if there was anything going on in their bodies to which she should be privy. Throughout class, she mindfully paired her instruction with breath cues and expertly described the subtlest movements, thus allowing her students to observe the nuances in their own bodies. Her cues elegantly spoke to all body types rather than forcing all bodies into one alignment, and she offered gentle suggestions on advancing or modifying the postures. Her series was highly-creative, keeping us guessing as to where we were going next. We also loved how Hannah worked in Pranayama exercises (breathwork) at the start and end of class – it truly allowed us to quiet our headspace and drop in to the moment. At the end of class, Hannah turned nearly all the lights off and guided us into a long, soothing Savasana set to the hollow vibrations of a clear crystal quartz sound bowl she played for us. Even the most type-A and monkey minded of people could have drifted off into bliss.


If Burning Man and Anthropologie had a baby, it would be Trilogy Sanctuary. Spread over two floors, the wellness center’s rooftop comprises the Totem Shop, a boho boutique filled with lust-worthy, woo-woo wares; a vegan cafe with indoor and outdoor seating serving up tasty, organic drinks and entrees; and the studio’s highly photographed outdoor aerial yoga structure with brightly colored hammocks. On the lower level are the studio’s two main yoga spaces: the Earth Room, a large room with decorations reminiscent of a blend of Bali and Morocco, and the Moon Room, a small infrared heated room with a mural of the moon spanning an entire wall. Neither room has any mirrors, which was quite a refreshing change. It allowed us to feel more in tune with our bodies. There’s a curtained garage door in between the Earth and Moon rooms that opens for larger classes, workshops or events. There are restrooms and water fountains outside the studio, as well as open storage cubes for storing your belongings during class. Navigating the space as a newcomer can be slightly confusing so let us break it down for you: upon arrival, take the elevator to the penthouse floor, check-in for your class in the Totem Shop and then head, through the cafe to the door leading down the stairs where the yoga studios are (unless, of course, you’re taking a rooftop class). Once class is over, there’s an elevator on the yoga studio level which will take you down to the street.

Trilogy Sanctuary

7650 Girard Ave, Suite 400, San Diego, CA, 92037
La Jolla Yoga $$$

Trilogy Sanctuary

La Jolla Yoga, $$$

7650 Girard Ave, Suite 400, San Diego, CA, 92037

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