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byAshley Marand, December 9, 2018

Tucked away at the far end of Liberty Station next to the Public Market is SPARKCYCLE. SPARKCYCLE Liberty Station is the indoor cycling studio’s second location, and wow, we have to say this studio completely won us over. From the staff and facilities to the workout, our experience at SPARKCYCLE Liberty Station was nothing short of amazing. It’s got all the bells, whistles and frills to make any studio-goer’s heart swell. And while working out here here isn’t cheap (a single ride will cost you $24), you’ll leave every class drenched in sweat, feeling accomplished, floating on cloud nine from all the endorphins and ready to take on your day like the badass you know you are.



Is there really any better feeling than being part of a perfectly choreographed ride? The music is loud, the lights are flashing, and the class’s energy as you all tap back in perfect unison gives you the surge you need to keep pushing harder.

Each ride at SPARKCYCLE is 45 minutes long, generally consisting of a quick warm-up, hills, sprints, and a single song dedicated to arms somewhere near the end of class. The combination and order of hills and sprints, music selection, choreography, and lighting are completely up to the discretion of the instructor.

The ride that KTB put together was on point. It felt challenging and definitely got us breathless and pushed us to our edge, but didn’t bring us to the point where we would feel defeated by the workout. Throughout the class, she mixed in a wide variety of moves and choreography, perfectly paired with lighting changes, that had us feeling more like we were dancing in a nightclub rather than in a spin class. After a quick warm-up and uphill climb, we sprinted it out before picking up our weights to do a more traditional arm workout focusing on shoulders and biceps for the third to last song. Our last two songs she took us home, encouraging us to give it our all, whether that be in or out of the saddle, and to tap into the reason why we showed up that morning.


KTB is the deal real and everything you want out of a spin instructor.

There were a few newbies to spin in our class that morning and KTB made sure to take the time to introduce herself and help each new attendee get their bikes set-up while also greeting the familiar faces in her class. Once she got on the podium, she again took a few moments to go over the bike and how to use the various gears and levers. It was just enough instruction to make sure the newcomers felt comfortable but not too much that us veterans were losing interest.

We took an early morning Saturday class (7:15AM to be exact – don’t ask us why we were up that early on a weekend).  Prior to the start of class, we felt like we were dragging a bit, but KTB’s energy was contagious. And before we knew it, we were stomping it out on our bikes. It was just us, the class, KTB and our bikes.

KTB rode an impressive amount of the class with us, but also took time to get off the podium and pump up not only the front row but also ran around to the back rows as well — we loved that! Way to make every single rider feel included – not just the fit, front-row riders. Her cueing was perfectly timed, and even better, her words of encouragement and motivation were delivered right when we needed to hear them. The inspiration was never over-the-top and you could tell it came from a truly heartfelt place. In our opinion, this is what separates the good instructors from the great.


SPARKCYCLE Liberty Station is what studio dreams are made of.

Immediately when you walk in, you’re pleasantly greeted by the front desk staff — the pretentiousness that often times comes with a bougie studio is checked at the door! The lobby space is bright, updated and clean with a small retail space selling sought-after fitness brands likes Spiritual Gangster. There are plenty of lockers available for use (no lock required, just set your own unique code each use), in addition to a larger bathroom with showers stocked with Malin + Goetz products. A trip to SPARKCYCLE Liberty Station will also get you complimentary shoe rental, a towel for your ride, and a chilled eucalyptus towel at the end of the workout.

When you make it into the spin room itself, it’s obvious that no costs were spared. Brand new, state-of-the-art Stages bikes are carefully arranged across stadium risers in a dark room aglow with red lighting. At the end of our workout, we caught the front desk staff cleaning each bike, so you can rest assured the bikes are sanitized between riders (VERY important as you know every person leaves dripping). When you arrive at your bike, your towel will be perfectly rolled and waiting for you, along with a set of hand weights (additional weights are available in the room if you need to swap). Once class got going, the audio and LEDs rivaled that of a nightclub.

SPARKCYCLE Liberty Station

2835 Perry Rd, San Diego, CA 92106
Point Loma Spin $$$

SPARKCYCLE Liberty Station

Point Loma Spin, $$$

2835 Perry Rd, San Diego, CA 92106