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byAshley Marand, July 1, 2019

Buddhi Yoga is a bustling and energetic yoga studio located in the heart of La Jolla. It has won La Jolla Reader’s “Best Yoga Studio” for the past four years, a testament to Buddhi Yoga’s dedicated, loyal community and skilled, experienced teachers. The upbeat studio is a favorite among affluent La Jolla residents of all ages who enjoy a wide variety of classes from Prenatal, Kids and Tween Yoga to Vinyasa, Yin and Kundalini styles of practice. Unwind, connect and blissfully move through your flow in Buddhi Yoga’s bright studio overlooking a Pinterest-worthy succulent garden.



Buddhi Yoga offers a wide and diverse schedule of group, private, corporate and even online streaming classes. We took one of the studio’s signature classes, Buddhi Flow, which is a highly creative and challenging 75-minute Vinyasa style flow taught by the the studio’s two owners, Amanda and Carolina. It’s technically an all-levels class, but as the transitions and pace were quick, the studio recommends having some yoga experience before attending. Buddhi Flow is especially enjoyable for yoga instructors who may lean on the class as a source of inspiration and creativity for picking up new sequences, transitions and adjustments. When we took the class, there ended up being a sub for Amanda and Carolina, but nonetheless we still found the class to be a very interesting and unique class.


Jenna Zabrosky is a friendly and skilled yoga instructor with an inviting and authentic teaching style. We had taken class with Jenna many months ago, and were surprised she still remembered our faces considering the hundreds of students she must have taught since we first met. We were even more impressed that she took the time to say hello and to learn our names. As students started to trickle in, it became obvious that Jenna is a favorite among them, as many smiling class-goers warmly greeted her. Her sequence was immensely creative, taking us through many different variations and layers of postures we had never encountered before (which says a lot, as we practice yoga more days than not). We found her flow to be refreshing and light, with an emphasis on strength and mobility: a perfect combo. The pace was quick but not impossible, and her cues were effortlessly delivered in a very down-to-earth and relatable way, despite the fact that many of her unique transitions required detailed explanations. To top it all off, we loved how she used her adjustments to gently accentuate length or depth in her student’s postures rather than correcting misalignments. Jenna makes her students feel welcomed, cared for, and confident. We’d recommend without a doubt that yogis of all levels take class with her.


Buddhi Yoga can be difficult to find if you’re new to the studio, as its second story location is not visible from the street. Keep an eye out for a sandwich board on the sidewalk just outside the stairs directing students up to the studio. The lobby (also coined the Shade Boutique) is small and can get quite cramped as classes are transitioning. There’s a retail space filled with lots of trendy and cute yoga apparel and accessories. There’s also a changing room with a few cubbies. The studio could benefit from increased storage for students’ personal belongings as many of the cubbies were quickly claimed. The restroom is on the second floor but detached from the studio itself. The highlight of the studio is the sun-drenched studio space. Instead of a wall of mirrors, there are floor-to-ceiling glass windows that stretch the entire length of the room, looking out to a courtyard filled with succulents and adorable patio furniture. The practice space is very large, but can be split into two rooms with a folding wall. Despite it being a busy class, we still felt comfortable and not cramped. Note: We’d recommend arriving early to claim a front row spot where the natural light cascades around you, and gives you unobstructed views of the plants, creating a very serene class experience.

Buddhi Yoga

7843 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037
La Jolla Yoga $$$

Buddhi Yoga

La Jolla Yoga, $$$

7843 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037

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