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byCarolyne McManama, June 17, 2017

Heading to an exercise class at Exhale’s Back Bay location we thought was going to be like having a spa treatment. We were sorely wrong. Exhale is a high end spa that offers a variety of yoga, barre and high intensity interval classes. Coined as an “urban oasis” for residents and tourists; they offer two locations in Boston – Back Bay and Battery Wharf.

Call us crazy, but sometimes we’re looking for a little more burn and shake in our barre classes. Enter Exhale’s Core Fusion Barre Advanced. We’ve been to nearly every barre studio in Boston and this is hands down the most challenging, shake inducing and sweatiest barre class around town. Although we don’t recommend for barre newbies, don’t be intimidated. The “advanced” aspects of class are the fast transitions and high repetitions, not the movements themselves. So you won’t be expected to morph into a human pretzel, but you will be expected to hold a flat back chair for 30 seconds. Ouch.



We started the workout with a quick warmup of high knees, twists and squat pulses. Similar to other Exhale barre classes, next up was plank and push-ups.  The kicker was this little green ball. We began with the ball between our inner thighs, holding planks and working through a push-up series.  We didn’t realize at the time, but this ball would end up following us throughout the entire class. We even held it between our legs during arms, squeezing that damn thing on every exhale.

At the barre we performed a set of flat back chair, parallel plie squat and first position plie squat. That may sound like gibberish to you, but no matter what you call it, that shiz was haaaaaard.  Our thighs were hot and we were full-on shaking. On to seat work.  You guessed it…that little green ball came along for the ride. We held that puppy behind our knee for dear life as we pulsed our thighs back and to the side. It definitely hurt, but there is something so satisfying about working your ass AND your love handles simultaneously. By the time we were in the homestretch for sit-ups we were soaked with sweat.


The instructors at Exhale are some of the best in town, and Thalia is no exception. Her zero F’s attitude is the perfect complement to this insanely hard class.  She confidently walks around the studio, giving tips and modifying her students as she passes by. She gives praises, but only when they are deserved, truly pushing you to the limit. Also, Thalia’s body be bangin…we would work the barre every day if it got us a bod like her.


Exhale’s lobby screams ZEN. When you walk in you immediately feel transported from the hustle of Arlington street to a quiet and relaxing spa. That feeling carries right over into the squeaky clean studio spaces. But the best perk about taking classes at Exhale is that you get full access to the locker rooms (transcend into the basement to find them) with the bells and whistles that a high end spa offers. Treat yourself like a king and don a white robe, throw on sandals and lube yourself up with any beauty products you might need pre or post workout.

Exhale Back Bay

28 Arlington Street, Boston, MA
Back Bay Yoga $$$

Exhale Back Bay

Back Bay Barre, Pilates, Yoga $$$

28 Arlington Street, Boston, MA

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