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byCarolyne McManama, July 8, 2018

With locations in NYC, Philly and the Hamptons, SLT is the newest studio to hit the mean streets of Boston. And boy are we lucky. SLT (standing for “strengthen, lengthen, tone”) is for real. The workout combines cardio, strength and Pilates all into one killer Megaformer workout. The beautiful new studio is in a prime location with high-quality instruction we know will make SLT the new fitness hot-spot in Boston.



When we asked what makes SLT different from other Megaformer studios, our instructor said – “we never stop moving.” She was right. From the first movement on, it was a constant flow for 50 minutes. The movements themselves were the usual suspects for a Megaformer class. You know – extensive core work, single leg squats on the platform and a dash of arms with resistance bands. However, the pace of class made it quite challenging. Like…we had to stop and take a few breathers. But the playlist was fire and we were actually enjoying the burn.


Straight off the Acela from NYC, Amanda Rey was one of the most popular instructors in NYC and now we know why. She is the real deal. She could be one of the best Megaformer instructors in Boton. Before class started, she walked around the room and introduced herself. And she actually remembered our names throughout the class. Impressive. At the start of class, she gave the crew a quick overview of the Megaformer and what to expect for the next 50 minutes. Amanda clearly knows her way around the equipment and made quality adjustments throughout the entire class. She is a true professional who made her class challenging but fun.


SLT is located at the end of Newbury Street, conveniently located right next to lululemon. Once you take the elevator to the third floor, you’ll walk right into the loft-style studio. There is a small wall of apparel for purchase (really cute stuff) and a reception desk. There are also two bathrooms that are large enough to change in. No showers here, but lots of products that you can use to freshen up. The whole studio gives us a New York vibe and we don’t hate it.

SLT Back Bay

341 Newbury Street, Floor 3, Boston, MA 02115
Back Bay Pilates $$$$$

SLT Back Bay

Back Bay Pilates, $$$$$

341 Newbury Street, Floor 3, Boston, MA 02115

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