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byCarolyne McManama, April 22, 2018

Oh, Exhale. You never disappoint. And neither did the Core Fusion Cardio. Offered at both Exhale locations, this 45-minute barre-less, full-body conditioning class incorporated weights, squats, kicks, punches and push-ups to get our heart rates jacked to the sky. The quick pace was a little overwhelming for a first timer, but it made the experience really fun. The class we took at Exhale Battery Wharf flew by and left us dripping sweat, and pumped to take on the day.



Before class began, our instructor Victoria gave a quick rundown of the different movements we would be prompted to do during the workout. This proved extremely helpful, as the transitions were super FAST. We started the class with a four-minute warm-up of second position squats, pulses and push-ups, and then we were off. We literally didn’t stop moving for the remaining 41 minutes.

The first series was all about squats: think second position squat dropping into a single leg lunge and then flying into airplane pose. Next up was a punch-and-kick series that made us look like a bunch of flailing idiots, but damn if it didn’t feel fab to let off some steam. Oh, and did we mention that during this entire time we were holding weights? The ENTIRE TIME.

Class ended with a focus on core, where we performed some knees-to-elbows movements and then just held a plank for pretty much ever…OK, or three minutes. It’s really all semantics as at this point we were toast, with sweat dripping on our mats as we shimmied and shook trying to hold that plank for dear life. Once done, Victoria stretched us out and we were on our way to enjoying the beautiful weather.


Victoria was fabulous. She was extremely welcoming and made her class feel like a little community. She seemed to know everyone that walked through the door and if she didn’t, she introduced herself. She outlined the class structure, putting us at ease before we started. Her transitions were quick, but Victoria was a pro at keeping the class up to speed and ready for the next series. She even gave us high fivea afterward and said we “crushed it” even though at most points we looked like complete boneheads.


We were already obsessed with the Back Bay location and considered that the crème-de-la-crème of Boston studios…that is, until we came to Exhale Battery Wharf. Holy crap. We even felt a pang of embarrassment while walking up the marble staircase to the front desk. “Are we underdressed?” Oh right, this is a workout class. The studio offers a large boutique where you can buy jazzy leggings, tanks, gym bags and candles. What basic B doesn’t love a candle? The locker room was also divine. Granite counter-tops, hundreds of lockers, robes and a huge backlit mirror situation. It would actually be enjoyable to shower here before work.

Exhale Battery Wharf

2 Battery Wharf, Boston, MA 02109
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Exhale Battery Wharf

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2 Battery Wharf, Boston, MA 02109

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