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byTori Scott, December 26, 2016

FlyBarre Sport 60 is NOT your average barre class. We went in expecting a “pretty girl” workout, you know the ones that won’t mess up your bun or only force you to break a teensy sweat. But damn, we were so WRONG!!! Apparently next time we should be going all in and hitting a double. The class drew a large crowd straight out of spin studio who were looking for a great stretch, and intense arm and and core work.



Tie that ponytail tight girls because this class has cardio – jumping jacks and squat jumps in addition to sit-ups, pulses on our push-ups and slow movements with 3 and 5 pound weights.  We squatted and pulsed until we literally could not take anymore. All while pumping beats (again not your average barre class). We have to admit, at times we laid down and on our mat when the instructor wasn’t looking, but no such luck she was on top of her sh**T and caught us, stopped us and pushed us through.


Stephanie is perfectly toned everywhere and now we know why. She does the majority of the class with you and this class is HARD. We figured that maybe if we fought through all this cardio and strength work we might end up looking like her at the end of the 45 minutes (sadly we didn’t). Stephanie had a clear voice which meant there no confusion in the movements we were supposed to be doing. The tone in which she delivered was so positive that we figured we might as well try to keep on going. Plus, Stephanie keeps her eyes on EVERYONE. If she catches anyone doing a move even slightly incorrect or thinks that they could be performing it better she will come over and correct you. Watch your back.


FlyBarre operates out of the same studio space as FlyWheel. Which means there are amenities and long shower lines. The studio has everything you’d need to shower and head straight to work or head out on the town. Two women’s showers, two men’s showers, and two bathrooms. They also provide deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, hair dryers, mints, Q-tips, cotton balls, tissues, and towels. Be warned: in the mornings when two classes (barre and wheel) get out at the same time, the shower line can be long and sloooooow, so plan accordingly.

The barre studio is in the back of the space and feels a little like a dungeon. It’s a small room with dark wood floors, floor to ceiling mirrors, and no windows. There is space for 18 students and the room is a small rectangle with all the mats lined up against the wall facing the middle.

Flywheel Sports Precision Training Back Bay

800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199
Back Bay Barre $$$

Flywheel Sports Precision Training Back Bay

Back Bay Barre, $$$

800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199

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