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byTori Scott, February 21, 2016

Are you a bride-to-be or a new mom? Nope? Us either. So don’t be alarmed when you walk into Pure Barre Boston and feel like a fish out of water. Don’t get us wrong – we did find the shake zone and feel the burn and every so often we might find a Pure Barre class in our future, but as of right now we sure aren’t going to be making it part of our weekly workout routines. Pure Barre is for those of you who want to get toned without sweating, pushing your limits, or actually putting in the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to see results.



It starts with 80’s style aerobics marching in place to warm up the body and core. The instructor then takes the class straight to the floor for abs and 90 second planks which are always included in every Pure Barre class. After abs, there is a long arm sequence which includes bis, tris, chest and back, and then the instructor takes the class to the barre for your first “tigh sprint” (whatever that means). Actually, what it means is we look like a bunch of 4 year olds in their first ever ballet class standing on our tip toes and doing squat pulses. After 5-10 agonizing minutes, our thighs were shaking and we couldn’t quite explain why because we weren’t breathing heavy or sweating at all, and then it’s on to “seat work.” This is where you work your “Pure Barre ledge” which are the muscles right under your butt cheek that Pure Barre claims to lift and tone to give its students a perkier, more round behind. Does it work? We plead the fifth.

After seat work, it’s back to abs. This time sitting against the wall, utilizing the ever-present tuck method to target different parts of the abdominal muscles. If you are looking to work on that six pack then this place might be for you; we spent 25% of the class on abs.

Lastly, one more round of supine booty blasting to the beat. The entire class is set to the beat and from what we’ve heard, the playlists are all corporate-approved, meaning a little behind the times – think “Call Me Maybe” & “Timber” remixes. Help!


Similar to CorePower Yoga, Pure Barre instructors are difficult to differentiate from one another solely based on their teaching style and language choice. You’re gonna hear a lot of “Make this your best 10!” “Work that Pure Barre ledge!” and “The shake zone is where you get stronger!”

Meredith N. was our fearless leader for our 45 minute class. She chipperly power walked around the room, cueing movements to the beat, and gently correcting us. She was confident and knowledgeable but unfortunately she taught in the same manner as every other Pure Barre teacher we’ve ever encountered, which in our eyes isn’t a good thing. She lacked a personal style and ability to relate to her students.


Pure Barre studios all have the same feminine, boutique feel. They are inviting, glamorous, and girly – think lots of chandeliers, candles, and nice smelling things. The lobby is clean with hardwood floors and a large retail space to buy Pure Barre branded apparel, the latest from Spiritual Gangstar and ALO, and various other accessories. The actual studio space where we got our tuck on is carpeted and lined with mirrors. Plenty of opportunity to check yourself out as we noticed many of the ladies around us doing.

Pure Barre Boston has what it needs and not that much more. Two bathrooms and a changing room behind a curtain. There are no showers but seeing as this isn’t a sweaty endeavor you really don’t need to shower. There are amenities to purchase through a vending machine such as mascara, tampons, lipstick, etc. so you can spruce up after class. We’d never bought mascara in a vending machine … always time for a first.

Pure Barre Boston

350 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02115
Back Bay Barre $$

Pure Barre Boston

Back Bay Barre $$

350 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02115

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