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byJessica Tepper, January 28, 2017

Remember when ‘planking’ was a thing? The Xtend Suspend class at Xtend Barre is bringing that fad back in a calorie scorching, body toning way. Plan to become one with your TRX straps as you strengthen your arms, legs, booty and core (especially your core!) because you won’t be unattached from them until the last few minutes of class during the stretch. No matter what part of the body you’re focused on, your core is engaged with the help of those puppies as you work with just your own bodyweight to break a sweat. All you need is a mat, TRX strap and some sticky socks to crush this class.



Xtend Suspend is a marriage of barre, and TRX training (which FYI was actually created by Navy SEALs so you should feel like a total bad ass) aka leveraging your body weight via gravity. Class is broken up into different focuses similar to barre (warm up, arms, legs, booty, core, stretch) varying in range of movement and tempo. Biceps got to flexin’ with either one, or both hands holding the TRX handles while facing the strap mounting, body angled into a plank position with a flat back and solid core. Our bodies acted as one giant weight that our arms had to lift then lower for 4 counts, then 2, and finally pulse. Leg work incorporated some cardio following the same pattern as arms, but replacing pulsing with jump switch lunges. If you aren’t sweating yet, the mother of all planks will get you there. Feet hang in the TRX cradles as we bring out knees into the chest and back, across our body and for the finale…. Mountain climbers!


Kristen Giddings is just the right amount of motivational encouragement for a 6:30am class. Let’s be honest, it’s an art to get someone to do a suspended plank mountain climber before sunrise, so you might as well call her Picasso. Mad props girl. There’s a certain rhythm barre instructors develop to get their clients moving. Every movement in barre correlates to beat and timing of the playlist chosen. Kristen’s musicality was spot on, and our final movements of each exercise (the one’s where your legs feel like Jell-o and the instructor counts down) seamlessly intertwined with the bass of the beats bumping through the stereo.


Xtend Barre is in a great location. It’s right on Newbury Street, nestled between a coffee shop and some clothing store that only sells crop tops. The studio is small, but is very clean and bright. Think all-white everything and exposed brick. The studio is pretty small–a few lockers, a few changing stalls and a wall with tanks and yoga pants for purchase. One (large) downside–no showers, so plan accordingly.

Xtend Barre Newbury Street

338 Newbury Street, Boston, MA
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Xtend Barre Newbury Street

Back Bay Barre, Yoga $$$

338 Newbury Street, Boston, MA

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