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byTori Scott, August 12, 2018

In addition to the killer spin classes you’re well aware of, B/SPOKE Cape House now offers TRAIN – a bootcamp, HIIT workout. Just like your favorite R/DE class, TRAIN uses music to guide choreography during this 50 minute ass-kicking. You can expect a ton of squats, mountain climbers, planks and muscle fatigue. But hey – it’s still #SummerBody season, right?



The workout is broken out by body part, with each new song prompting a new movement. The general structure of the class is: 2 warm up songs, 2 lower body songs, 3 upper body songs, 2 core songs, “baby weights” (we’ll explain) and stretch. The warm up was all body weight movements, including air squats, jump squats (ugh), lunges, curtsy lunges, mountain climbers and a mini plank series.

After our legs were sufficiently shaky from the warm up, we grabbed two sets of weights – a heavier set and a lighter set. Once we got back to our mat, it was ON. We didn’t stop moving for the remainder of class. We began with squats holding our heavier weight and continued through a series of weighted lunges and curtsy lunges. OH – we can’t forget to mention the “cardio bursts” throughout class. After every few movements, the instructor would have us drop our weights and perform a quick cardio movement, just enough to have us swearing under our breath.

Ok, moving on to arms. Here at SC, we’re big fans of an arm series. And this one did not disappoint. We hit all the good stuff – shoulders, biceps, back, triceps. We mixed up weighted movements with good ‘ol push ups. After 3 non-stop songs of upper body, our arms were on FIRE. Thank God for the core series. We rolled over on our backs and were guided through basic crunches, bicycle crunches and that thing where you try to reach your toes which are in the air. And of course….plank. The “encore” of class included a quick cardio series, followed by “baby weights” and stretching. We used 2lb weights to cool down our arms, stretch and get our heart rates down. By the time class was over and we collapsed on our mat, we felt depleted, but accomplished.


Ashley is a little ball of energy. She kept our class running smoothly, efficiently and NON-STOP. Her direction was clear and easy to follow, even through all the choreography changes. She is super friendly, outgoing and personable. Added bonus, Ashley also gives an impressive spin class. 


The B/SPOKE TRAIN location is located right next door to the spin studio. It’s a little dark box – not much going on in there. However, it provides everything you need to get a solid bootcamp butt kicking – tons of dumbbells at various weights, clean mats, towels and a monster sound system. Plus, you can always head next door to the Cape House and utilize their amenities 🙂


B/SPOKE Studios Cape House TRAIN

12 Joy St, Mashpee, MA 02649
Suburbs Spin $$$

B/SPOKE Studios Cape House TRAIN

Suburbs Spin $$$

12 Joy St, Mashpee, MA 02649

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