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byMel Adams, July 8, 2018

CorePower is a solid standby for a down and dirty hot yoga class. The music will be loud, the classes will be short, and you’ll still feel like you got a good stretch in. With classes that are all yoga and others that include some weighted strength training exercises, CorePower lets us choose just how much we’re trying to sweat. Ample showers and rentable mats and towels make CorePower the perfect studio for the busy professional.



In a world where getting a reliable and sweaty yoga class can be hard to find, CorePower stands out. At 60 minutes long, the level two class we took at CorePower’s Dupont Circle location offered enough movement and stretching that we walked out feeling like we had a solid workout without having dedicated a ton of time. C2 is the chain’s more advanced class, meaning we got to try deeper variations of poses and were able to flow on our own. The room was heated and it got very sweaty up in there, so dress accordingly and most definitely don’t forget your towel. It’s not necessarily the hardest class we’ve ever taken, but between the heat and the good music, we’ll keep this one solidly in the rotation.


Sometimes a supportive and energetic teacher can really make us excited to take class, and Joy is one of those teachers. She gave hands on adjustments throughout while offering a nice mix of demoing in front of the class and then walking around. Unfortunately, it was really hard to hear her since she didn’t lower the music at all when she was giving instruction. This left us relying on regulars for cueing and made us lose the groove of class. Though thorough and high energy, Joy did end up going over time in class, which was fine for a Sunday afternoon but not ideal for a pre-work morning class.


As a hot yoga studio, CorePower benefits from having five showers stocked with (bottom shelf) amenities. In line with others in their field, they charge $2 for a towel whether you’re using it for class or for a shower afterward. Anytime we need to BYO, we’re not happy about it. Who has room in their gym bag for a damn full-sized towel? On the apparel side, CorePower excels, featuring clothing from lululemon, Spiritual Gangster, Alo Yoga, and Beyond Yoga. There are two studios at this location, each with a mirror that may help with form correction but can also be a bit jarring. For classes, the sign-up policy is to just show up, which can be a dicey game for the post-work crowd trying to get their stretch on without leaving work really early.

CorePower Yoga Dupont Circle

1150 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036
Dupont Circle Yoga $$$

CorePower Yoga Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle Yoga, $$$

1150 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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