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byMel Adams, July 6, 2018

CorePower is a solid standby for a down and dirty hot yoga class. The music will be loud, the classes will be short, and you’ll still feel like you got a good stretch in. With classes that are all yoga and others that include some weighted strength training exercises, CorePower lets us choose just how much we’re trying to sweat. Ample showers and rentable mats and towels make CorePower the perfect studio for the busy professional.



When we were instructed to grab two sets of weights for class—a lighter set for flowing and a heavier set for static strength trainingwe knew we were in for a solid yoga class. Naturally, we were ready for a little challenge. To ease into the workout, we moved through sun salutation A a few times without weights. The bulk of the flowing came next: we repeated the same standing sequence first without weights, then with our light weights, and finally with our heavy weights. This was really the bulk of the “yoga” in “yoga sculpt”. After our flow, we did some static weight training while in yoga poses (for example, knocking out some triceps kickbacks while sitting in chair pose with airplane arms) and also had some songs dedicated to core and lower body work. In the middle of class there was a cardio song, done tabata style, where we alternated between mountain climbers and squat jumps. Though we enjoy sneaking some cardio in with our strength training, for a class that’s only an hour, we would have preferred to get in one more song of flowing instead. Overall, we like the idea of yoga sculpt in theory, but wish that it would have skewed heavier on the yoga rather than a lightweight strength training class.


Brie was all about self care. She offered it to us as our intention for class and then said the phrase a good ten times after that but without leaving us particularly inspired (we get it, girl, we gotta take care of ourselves). Aside from the self care sermon, Brie offered good hands on adjustments and demos when needed. Similar to other instructors at CorePower, at times the music drowned out her voice. Brie offered advanced poses and the opportunity for some balancing work, which left us pleasantly surprised given the 60 minute class time.


With a second floor location, this place has a leg up on its Dupont counterpart. There’s more natural light and a better ability to display the top-notch clothing and yoga accessory brands that CorePower sells. Similarly to other CorePower locations, mats and towels are available for rent if you forget yours. The amenities to get ready for the office after a hot class are available, but they leave something to be desired in the quality arena.

CorePower Yoga CityCenterDC

824 9th St NW Suite A, Washington, DC 20001
Downtown Yoga $$$

CorePower Yoga CityCenterDC

Downtown Yoga, $$$

824 9th St NW Suite A, Washington, DC 20001

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