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byMel Adams, February 15, 2019

FlyWheel Sports has had some time now to work out the kinks of their newest kick-your-ass sweat opportunity: FlyFIT. FlyFIT takes the traditional high intensity interval training and brings it into FlyBarre’s studio space. With weights ranging from 5 to 35+ pounds, this heart-pumping workout offers both strength training and cardio in a 45 minute package that flies by. Though we wish FlyFIT had its own dedicated space, the mirror setup makes it easy to maintain proper form. After class, make sure to stop into the fully stocked locker room for a taste of their Malin + Goetz products, but be prepared to wait for a shower if you go before work.



FlyFIT (the FIT stands for Functional Intensive Training) is Flywheel Sports’ newest class offering. On the way into the “Precision Training” room, it’s clear that we are no longer in Barre-land. A shelving unit of weights ranging from 10 to 35 pounds greeted us and we knew we were in for something good. Above the weights is a dry erase board listing what we needed for class: two towels, a heavy set of weights (15+ pounds), and a medium set of weights (10+ pounds). We grabbed one set and headed in to find our assigned mat space. If it’s your first time in the Precision Training room, the mat number is in very tiny print at the bottom of the mirror. We were instructed to pull the mats out about a foot from the wall to create a space to rack our weights.

To kick off class, our instructor had one minute and 30 seconds to introduce the class. We know this because there is an iPad with a distractingly large countdown clock facing the class, similar to what you might find in a local gym HIIT class. Class started with a 5-minute warm up including some stretching and core work. The bulk of class was five circuits of three exercises each. The first two moves in each block were strength-focused (and one minute each) and the third was a 45-second cardio blast (except for the core section, where cardio was swapped for more ab-centric movement). Each circuit was completed twice: round one to find the pace and a push round to really break a sweat. After each circuit, there were 90 seconds of rest to re-rack the weights and get the instruction for the next round.

In this Total Body FlyFIT, we hit all of our major muscle groups, often using complex movements (thrusters, deadlift to row, hammer curl with a curtsy lunge) to keep the heart rate up. The cardio blocks were plyometric heavysquat jumps, jump lunges, banded jumping jacks—which left us wiped going into the next round. The end of class was a metabolic finisher: three rounds of 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. Say hello to burpees, skiers, and fast feet with tuck jumps. This class is ideal for those wanting to try out lifting some heavier weights in a safe space or those who like to get in a good sweat in a short amount of time. Though we loved the organization of class, we wanted more. In total, we moved for just shy of 30 minutes (plus the warm up), and even with a HIIT style of class, we want to be moving for at least 45 minutes. Our time really went by quickly, and we walked out feeling like we could’ve done another round or two. Let us know when you start serving up FlyFIT 60 (with a sleeker timer) and We. Are. All. In.


David is really energetic and friendly, which is key for this type of class. Since we were doing moves for a minute at a time, having someone upbeat and giving clear cueing took the class to the next level. Before class began, David gave us the rundown of what to expect, walking us through the exercises that we were going to do with our weights to help us pick sizes. He also asked individually about injuries and throughout class did positive shout outs to keep us all focused. David’s demonstrations at the top of each block were helpful and he offered non-plyometric options for the cardio blast variations as well as more challenging variations for the push rounds. He offered form adjustments throughout class and his playlist kept us moving when we were dragging during a tough weighted monster walk. Some of his complex movements may have been too ambitious (the hammer curl twist to reverse bicep curl while doing a curtsy lunge would’ve made even the most coordinated of humans take pause), but his amped up moves did make us sweat a little harder.


The Precision Training space is upstairs at Flywheel, with mirrors surround the studio space like you’ll find at most barre studios. While having your barre ball wedged in the barre is standard procedure, it felt a bit odd that the space wasn’t fully transformed for FlyFIT. Due to the upstairs location of the space, the weights are a bit cramped in the shelving unit and the pathway to get from the stairs to the studio is tight. As a part of the Flywheel Sports family, FlyFIT comes with a fully stocked (but also crazy packed) shower space. There are four showers with Malin + Goetz shower goodies, but don’t take too long before work or you’ll hear the grumbles from the long line of sweaty bystanders. There are plenty of digilock lockers if you decide to sweat and go, along with fruit bowls with bananas or apples for quick fuel after class.

Flywheel Sports – Precision Training – Dupont

1927 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009
Dupont Circle HIIT $$$

Flywheel Sports – Precision Training – Dupont

Dupont Circle HIIT, Barre, Bootcamp $$$

1927 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

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