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byTori Scott, June 25, 2018

DC, can I get a woop woop? Cause Barry’s Bootcamp is FINALLY here. As the first and only Barry’s Bootcamp currently gracing our national capital, the DuPont Circle location did not disappoint. It was abundantly clear DC shares the same sentiment: this midday sweat the class was nearly full and drew a wide array of Barry’s Bootcamp-ers. Everyone from the college student sneaking in a workout in between studies to the fit mom crowd, a few decked out Barry’s loyalists, and, of course, the first timers.

After being greeted and checked in at the reception desk with pep and smiles from the Barry’s staff, we eagerly waited for the instructor to beckon us into the studio. We emerged 50 minutes later dripping in sweat, trying to remember which songs to immediately add to our Spotify playlist. Between the 25 minutes of strength and core work and the other 25 minutes we spent hustling on the treadmill to keep up with the fit mom one mill over, we were so ready to hit up that smoothie bar on our way out. The instructor promised us he’d give us a party, and that’s just what we got.



With bass pumping, we jogged into the studio and found our places on either the floor or the treadmills (when you reserve online, you’ll be given the option to choose where you’d like to start). The class format was two rounds of floor work and two rounds of treadmill work. Those who started on the treadmill warmed up with a walk or slow jog, while those on the floor warmed up with jumping jacks, push ups, side shuffles, and air squats. The treadmill group still did the floor warm up and vice versa after we completed our first round of work.

After our warmup, the instructor ran us through our first set on the floor, demoing each exercise before sending us on our way. It was a Full Body day, so between both floor sets, we hit a bit of everything! The first set included dumbbell snatches, rows, chest press, and a quick ab circuit with toe touches and bicycle kicks.

Next up was the treadmill. After racking our weights, we hopped on the treadmills, warming up with a brisk jog between 5.0 and 6.0. Our first set on the treads featured hill sprints. The best part was that the little ab circuit we’d completed in our first floor set LIT UP our core on the way up that hill. Pretty sure we could feel our six pack coming through (maybe just wishful thinking) but really … core on fire! The treadmills are high quality and it’s easy to change both speed and incline with one touch.  

After surviving the first rounds on the floor and tread, we completed a second round of each. The floor movements and the treadmill sprints were different for the second set to keep things spicy and continue to torch every muscle group known to man.

Our cool down / stretch followed the same savasana-esque format that most boutique studios create. The lights dimmed, the music took a turn toward some soothing Ed Sheeran, and then we gave ourselves a pat the back for a job well done.


Justin is the friend who makes sure you do your squats and doesn’t let you forget to  squeeze that peach at the top! He had a fun-loving and carefree attitude and made the class feel exactly as he described it to be: a party. Justin asked first timers to raise their hands so he could introduce them to the class and gave them a quick shout out.  When we switched to the treadmills, he again asked if it was anyone’s first time on the treadmill. We didn’t find this redundant at all, and thought it was incredibly inclusive to new comers. Justin didn’t do much form correction but, between simultaneously managing floor and treadmill cues, we’re not sure how ANY instructor would be able to.  


Barry’s is a scene and a half. Most participants are decked out in head to toe lululemon or the latest and greatest Barry’s sweatshirt and trucker hat. Plans for “Next stop, Brunch!” or a trip to Dupont Circle Farmers Market float about the room.

The front desk staff was incredibly helpful. They saw we were a bit unsure where to stand in line and, with a big smile, called us over to check in. They even offered to switch us to treadmills if they freed up (we think the thought there is that most people like to warm up with a jog).

As you walk past the front desk, you’ll find yourself at the Barry’s Fuel Bar. Here, for $9-$11, you can place your order for a Lemonade Lipo or Basically Air, which are smoothies, BTW. We don’t know about you, but we prefer to take in our air fo free … They also offer bottled water, coconut water, and Viking Waffles that run you $7. May want to budget to spend your daily latte money for your post sweat fix at Barry’s.

The locker rooms and showers were immaculate: charging ports inside each locker, complimentary towels, blow dryers, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, hair ties, you name it, they’ve got all the dressing room fixins.

Barry’s Bootcamp Washington DC

1345 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036
Dupont Circle Bootcamp $$$

Barry’s Bootcamp Washington DC

Dupont Circle Bootcamp, $$$

1345 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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