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byLogan Prescott, March 6, 2019

If you’re a seasoned practitioner of the “26+2 original series” or you thrive in a workout that is identical from class to class, this studio is for you. The spacious studio is clean, the heating system is on point, and the instructor is welcoming, engaging and knowledgeable. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated – but if you’re a beginner, you may consider taking one of their other classes or at a minimum, ask the staff to walk you through what to expect so you aren’t lost.



The Hot 60 class follows the 26+2 series from Bikram yoga, where each class has an identical format with the same 26 poses. Class started with breathing exercises and after that, we worked through a series of standing and seated postures that we completed twice before moving to the next pose. We finished with a final series of breathing exercises. If you’re new to this type of practice, make sure you’re set up where you can watch other students because the instruction relies heavily on students’ knowledge of the series. The room is extremely hot (95-105 degrees!) and humid, making this class challenging for a beginner or anyone not familiar with this sort of practice. Dress accordingly, bring a towel (or 3!) and lots of water.


Tina was the highlight of this workout – she was engaging without being overwhelming and provided exactly the right amount of instruction to make sure everyone had a safe practice. While the studio is large, we had no trouble hearing her cues no matter where our mat was, which was helpful when she provided targeted, verbal adjustments. Her energy and cadence allowed us to zone out and focus on our practice.


This space at Hot Spot Dupont is challenging. The studio is located on the second floor, while the lobby and locker room are located two floors above. Unless you know where you’re going, it’s easy to get confused or even lost. Once you find your way to the check-in, you can get everything you need for class. You can rent a mat and towel and either purchase water or fill your bottle from the fountain. Building on the spacious studio theme, the lobby, men’s and women’s locker rooms and bathrooms are equally accommodating and have secure, individual lockers for your belongings and plenty of showers so you won’t need to wait in line. The women’s locker room has hair dryers, but you’ll need to bring everything else you need to shower or freshen up. What this studio lacks in amenities, it makes up for in space.

Hot Spot Dupont

1635 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009
Dupont Circle Yoga $$$

Hot Spot Dupont

Dupont Circle Yoga, $$$

1635 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

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