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byJessica Tepper, February 11, 2018

6am in the dead of winter is a tough time to get up and get your sweat on, but Turnstyle lets you hibernate a bit in the spin cave- it’s dark in there (sometimes a little too dark, like ‘hi I’m nervous because I cannot see my own handlebars’). It may be dark, but you sure as hell won’t be sleeping in there. Things got pretty sweaty after the first song and that set the tone for the rest of the class with a solid sampling of core, arm and booty work. We felt strong and accomplished when we left Tunstyle Woburn giving us an extra pep in our Tuesday morning step. When it feels 20 below, we think a morning sweat sesh is the best way to warm yourself up #newenglandproblems



Turnstyle has a no frills vibe, which we respect and can totally get down with. 6am riders don’t mess around when they get to class; get ya shoes, stash ya bag, and clip the eff in. We recognized every single tune which got us to jam out that much harder throughout class and forget the fact that our legs were working double time or crushing heavy resistance. There was a lot of variance in what we did in those 45 minutes, including core work with some crunch and hold moves, which we were into. Arms were no joke either – shoulders? What are those? Sorry, we burned ours out so much they ceased to exist.


Caitlin is no newbie to the podium. She knows how to work the room, address the class, and prep us for what’s coming resistance or choreo wise. She rode with us, demonstrating tap backs, crunch and holds and elbow drops to the beat. At times, it was really hard to hear her on the mic over the music or maybe the acoustics in the room were just tough, but that made her full out demos all the more valuable. Her choreo jazzed up the ride for sure and totally kept us guessing on what was next.


The Turnstyle Woburn studio is part of a strip mall, which makes for easy parking. The boot camp studio is huge and taking up most of the space outside of a few weight machines in the back of the room. Equipment is hung up or boxed up along the edges of the room while benches set up for class are in the middle. The spin room is dimly lit and in the back left of the space. There’s a decent number of bikes in the room and each one gives you a solid view of the instructor as well as your reflection in the mirrored wall behind him or her. Anyone who comes into the studio or comes and goes to the locker room/bathroom has to pass through the boot camp area, which can be disruptive to class, but probably fairly easy to ignore if you’re caught up in the mix of your workout. They have 2 showers and a decent sized locker room.

Turnstyle Cycle Woburn

6 Cummings Park Dr, Woburn, MA 01801
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Turnstyle Cycle Woburn

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6 Cummings Park Dr, Woburn, MA 01801

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