Tread Reading



byJessica Tepper, April 16, 2018

“Tread and shred” is a mix of spin and bootcamp style weight work. If a full 45/60 minute spin class feels like an eternity for you this class is perfect. The first half of class you’re going HAM on a bike mixing in resistance as instructed but not for long! Just when you start to lose interest in the bike you’re unclipped and off to the floor to burn out your arms and core with some curls, press backs and plank series. The class itself felt like a solid workout however the experience of the studio overall made us feel a bit like outsiders; we didn’t receive any help with bike set up, nor any follow up post class asking us how we felt about it. That being said, it seems like the regulars at this spot are super tight knit and not only look forward to the sweat sesh they’re getting but also the chance to catch up with their buds- workout buddies are the best kind 😀



Tap backs, shoulder drops and heavy resistance made it into the first half of class multiple times. The playlist was legit begging us to groove out on the bike, which we dug. Midway through class we unclipped and traded our bike shoes for sneaks to hit the floor along with heavy weights (8 lb. is what most people grabbed) to get to shredded.  Three songs played and each one was devoted to a muscle; biceps, triceps or shoulders. To be honest we felt the heavy weights might have been a little much to maintain good form but we definitely felt the burn. You might want to snag a lighter set to swap out if needed mid shred sesh! Class ended with some core work in low planks. This was a total body workout for sure.


Maria hopped on the bike and got to it right away prompting us to add a few turns of resistance to our bike wheel. She did the entire class, from clip in to weight lifting, alongside us which was impressive! Corrections on form were lacking and it didn’t seem to be of much importance to Maria – but the motivation and excitement to get sweaty was 100% there. We left class feeling all kinds of accomplished.



If Anthropologie decided to jump on board the spin studio trend it would look just like Tread’s space. The studio had a mix of different stained wood and the room was lit so dimly that we looked great despite being covered in sweat and without our summer-y glow. Spin shoes are required and available for you at the desk. Weights are hidden in a side closet and towels are available to you as well. The downside to this studio is there are no showers, which really limits us to workouts at the end of the day rather than before work. They do have ample parking though.

Tread Reading

6 Linden St, Reading, MA 01867
Suburbs Spin $$$

Tread Reading

Suburbs Spin, $$$

6 Linden St, Reading, MA 01867

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