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byTori Scott, May 29, 2017

Ever wake up the morning after a workout thinking “That hurts so good”? btone in Back Bay pretty much guarantees that feeling. An unexpectedly challenging workout, even for someone who attends Pilates classes regularly…we left class thinking that machine just absolutely owned our morning.

Keep in mind this is not your graceful, peaceful reformer style class. This is ‘today’s hits’ coming from the speakers, instructor rockin’ a mic, and that ‘beast of a thing’ called the Megaformer. While Basi and Stott are the Biggie Smalls/Tupac of Pilates — the Megaformer is Drake.

Here are some tips if you think you are ready for one of the hardest workouts on Back Bay’s Newbury Street: sign up early, purchase the three for $30.00 intro pack, make sure to get there early to grab a front row Megaformer, and cue Drake’s “started from the bottom now we’re here” as you hike up the four floors to reach the sweatiest Megaformer class in town.



Warning: We have never, we mean never, sweat in a Reformer or Megaformer class before…..and then there was TONE.

The springs were set and we were onto our first exercise; it’s time to work on our plank game, using the mat on the Megaformers to glide us back and forward. About 20 seconds in and we were sweating and at the same time realizing this is going to be one hell of a workout.

Three plank exercises later and we were on the backside of the Megaformer for obliques…and o-m-g did we feel it. Each exercise was beautifully cued by the instructor, letting us know “15 more seconds” and always pushing us past our comfort zone – ooh but it hurt so good. Then it was onto legs, using the back platform of the Megaformer and red bands in our hands as we squat, side lunge, squat again and of course adding in pulses, all the pulses. We mix in glute exercises and chest presses (yep, on the Megaformer) and then it was onto our final mission: reverse giant wheelbarrow, an exercise for the triceps, shoulders, lats, and abdominals. Before we knew, it we had burned almost 800 calories and were gazing at our neighbors with a smile of relief that we made it to the end.


Friendly – Check.
Studio Tour – Check.
Demonstrations / Cueing – Check Check.

Let’s just start by saying that our 11:00am class with Nicole Perry on a Tuesday had 13 out of 14 spaces filled: impressive. Nicole describes each exercise as if she were Siri leading us from our home to our final destination, including ETA of the current exercise and alternative routes (aka modifications) on how to get there. She is never afraid to jump on the Megaformer to demo the more complicated exercises, which in our book is a must. She is friendly and upbeat, and coaches everyone to the end of class with a smile. We did miss the hands-on adjustments we normally get in a smaller class but nonetheless we would recommend her to any pro or first timer.


You know that apartment you had right after college? Yah that first one that was a little janky and had you feeling like ‘hey we live in the coolest neighborhood but our apartment still has that old school heater’? That’s how we would describe BTONE. The reception desk, which is in the actual studio room, looked like a tornado had just blown through. The studio space itself is open, with great lighting, amazing setup, but with one shower, one toilet, and fourteen reformers, we felt like we were back in our freshmen dorm again. But hey! At least there is an option to shower! Bring your own products and towel, though, or you’ll be stuck with 2-in-1 shampoo and borrowing a dirty towel off the back of the door.

btone Back Bay

30 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116
Back Bay Rowing $$$

btone Back Bay

Back Bay Pilates, Rowing $$$

30 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

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