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byMel Klein, February 20, 2017

Ever found yourself at Burn Fitness’ original South End location thinking, “the class options are great, but I wish the studio was larger and offered more amenities that aren’t in a basement”? Yeah us too, which is why the opening of the new Back Bay location is a perfectly timed early Christmas gift for all.



We broke in the new studio with Tabata Burn. This class was a fast-paced, total body workout.  Each of us had a set-up containing a step riser, multiple sets of dumbbells & gliders for our feet. Our instructor, Rebekah Patton, took us through a quick warm-up while outlining the class structure: four total rounds, each containing two alternating exercises that were executed for four sets each, before moving on to a new round. In true tabata style, each set was :20 of work, followed by :10 rest. For those that haven’t tried tabata before, it goes by nearly as quickly as it sounds. The exercises ranged from alternating side planks with a crunch and floor jacks, to single leg jumping lunges using a riser and plié squats with gliders for your feet (just to name a few). Modifications were given for each of these, as needed.


Energetic and outgoing, Rebekah structured a workout that was designed to fit the space well and worked all of the major muscle groups. With 8 students in the class, it had the potential to feel like a butt-kicking, personal training session, but was lacking the motivational element. At times we felt the words of encouragement were quite generic and a little uninspiring. But all-in-all, Rebekah did a solid job of demonstrating each combination of exercises before we began a new round, and we appreciated that she worked her way around the room, often doing much of the routine with us.


Nestled on Boylston Street above Back Bay Social Club, in what used to be Life in Synergy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as you emerge from the elevator into the open concept studio (don’t judge, we couldn’t find the stairs). Unlike the South End location’s single multipurpose room, the Back Bay spot has a dedicated spin room in the front, a lounge space, lockers and a reception desk of sorts in the middle, followed by a reasonably sized studio in the back for a variety of class offerings (tabata, rowers, yoga, etc.). Given the boutique size of the studio, the locker room space was quite ample with plenty of lockers (with loaner lock & keys), benches, two showers and even towels in the signature BURN red color.

Burn Fitness Back Bay

867 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02108
Back Bay Rowing $$$

Burn Fitness Back Bay

Back Bay HIIT, Bootcamp, Pilates, Rowing $$$

867 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02108

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