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byLindsey Ullian, February 26, 2017

When you enter the North End you are welcomed by the aroma of garlic, cannolis, and fresh marinara… And then you remember that you’re there for Pilates. The motivation of being in Boston’s carbohydrate mecca kept us pulsing through our entire workout and definitely justified the caloric intake afterwards (post workout carbs FTW!). We walked out of btone fully shaking and we loved every minute of it. Girls, you’re going to want to get to know this neighborhood gem. Oh, and we say girls because there were zero guys in sight. No need to go looking all cute, just come prepared for the Megaformer to OWN YOU…in the greatest way possible.



The short version of the story is this… Chapter 1: We worked the WHOLE left side of our body. Chapter 2: We worked the WHOLE right side of our body. That’s how it went down – THE END.

The long version is this: We started on the left side working out our arms, then abs, left obliques, then our left bottom half (butt and legs), and then back to core. They are always sure to overemphasize the core portion of the workout and we love that – that’s why we come to btone after all! After the bonus core work, we switched to our right side and started going through the same set of exercises. We ended with a burst of planks, while driving our legs in and out on the machine with an added push up. We freaking EARNED that cannoli!


Don’t be fooled by Jenny’s sweet smile and peppy voice… she worked us HARD. We also love that Jenny incorporated all our favorite Pilates moves into the workout – bear, planks, and mermaid. Jenny transitioned quickly through exercises and even got us to smile as our entire body shook. “Let it shake, do it until it shakes.” Seriously? We thought, “hello I’m quivering and look absurd please tell us we’re almost done!” Right when we thought we would give in, we’d be on to the next move. Genius.


Just like we like our teeth – clean and white AF! The space and machines still have a brand new feeling even though the studio opened back in 2015. The space is long and narrow with the Megaformers arranged in one long line next to each other making the class feel intimate and personal. There is a small check-in area when you walk into the studio with some seats, magazines and foam rollers (we never turn down a chance to foam roll!). There are Men’s and Women’s locker rooms located on the ground floor with showers in both. 

btone North End

133 Salem St, Boston, MA
North End Pilates $$$

btone North End

North End Pilates, $$$

133 Salem St, Boston, MA

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