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byTori Scott, July 6, 2018

Flow Yoga Center is one of DC’s best yoga spots for well-balanced flows and a good sweat. With two DC locations within two blocks of each other, the 14th Street site really acts as an extension of the original P Street studio rather than a standalone. The workout is largely ashtanga-based: sun salutations, standing series, inversions—you know the drill. Flow at 14th Street offers arguably too many class options by catering to all levels and temp preferences. Less core heavy than other studios, classes at Flow Yoga Center are traditional in structure and ambiance with many an “om” and meditation.



Though this class is billed as 1-2 level, beginners beware. After we finished our opening “om,” we moved for a solid 45 minutes straight without a child’s pose in sight. After a few sun salutations, we moved into a sequence that we built upon round after round. With options to take deeper variations of the core pose, more advanced students were able to kick it up a notch. To cap off class, we did a quick balancing pose and few backbends and inversions on the mat. The class flew by, and we really appreciated the extended savasana. For the 60 minute version of this class, prepare for either a little less time with the standing series or a rushed balancing pose.


Though we usually prefer our happy hour with a $5 glass of red, Kevin’s class made us consider giving up our weekly ritual. Between his consistent pacing and his calming therapist-like voice, we felt like we eased through even though class was HARD. Kevin used breath-related cues throughout class, which made us work way harder than we normally do to focus on moving through poses one breath at a time. To cap it off, Kevin gave some of the best hands on adjustments we’ve ever had—seriously, he worked with us through a full vinyasa and we were 100% here for it. Even though we only had an hour for class, Kevin made it feel like we had much longer with all that he packed in. DC, meet your new favorite happy hour guide.


Flow Yoga Center’s 14th Street location is the larger of the two studios, but it’s still an intimate studio space. They have all the goods you’ll need for a solid class from start to finish: mats for rent, blocks/blankets/straps for support, cold water for post-game hydration. Though sometimes we have ample space to practice, for classes led by instructors with a following, prepare to be all up in your neighbor’s business. Plenty of storage along with two bathrooms make for a pleasant experience, but bring your own stuff if you’re trying to do a dry-shampoo-and-head-to-work situation ‘cause it’s bare bones on the product front.

Flow Yoga Center 14th Street

1450 P St NW, Washington, DC 200
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Flow Yoga Center 14th Street

Logan Circle Yoga, $$

1450 P St NW, Washington, DC 200

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