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byMel Adams, March 6, 2019

Zengo Cycle provides consistently decent classes, even if they aren’t pushing the envelope. The space is compact, so don’t expect to be comfortable getting ready for work post-ride. While the rides include sprints and plenty of dancing, sensitive resistance knobs make it tough to follow instructor cues. With its “trying to be SoulCycle” vibe, we’d suggest ponying up the extra $5 for the real thing.



Basic is the only word to describe Zengo’s signature class. Though sometimes basic can make for a solid standby, Zengo didn’t blow our mind. The class followed the typical recipe of some jumps, some sprints, and an arm song third from the end of class. It was heavy on choreography and light on hills, which made for a less challenging ride than we’d prefer. It didn’t help that Zengo’s Schwinn bikes go from 0 to 100 in about four turns. With a wheel that sensitive, get ready to make small adjustments rather than big turns.


Katherine had some good potential at the front end of class—she walked us through the bike positions and gave off this badass vibe that we were into. As class went on though, we were less wowed by her command of the ride. When we followed her cues, we almost always had to strip a full turn or two off to keep the beat on hills and add on some resistance during sprints. For teaching 6+ classes a week, we wanted Katherine to know her bikes better. On the plus side, her music was on point, and she kept up a good energy level throughout class.


When you walk in, the front desk feels like knock off SoulCycle, complete with a blue gumball dispenser instead of Orbitz packs, some Target-level workout wear with Zengo’s slogan “Zen as f#ck”, and Shimano shoes that are $3 per ride.

Spacewise, it’s tight; there are digilock lockers in one hallway and individual bathrooms and showers in another. Though we love a private shower when we can snag one quick, Zengo only has two for a 50-bike class. However, towels are provided and the showers are stocked with decent shower amenities. While it’s clean, the tiny basement location didn’t have us sticking around post-class.

Zengo Cycle Logan Circle

1508 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005
Logan Circle Spin $$$

Zengo Cycle Logan Circle

Logan Circle Spin, $$$

1508 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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