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byMel Adams, July 6, 2018

Flow Yoga Center is one of DC’s best yoga spots for well-balanced flows and a good sweat. The P Street location is the studio’s original spot in town, still carrying with it a crunchy granola vibe of yoga days past. The workout is largely ashtanga-based: sun salutations, standing series, inversions—you know the drill. Less core heavy than other studios, classes at Flow Yoga Center are traditional in structure and ambiance with many an “om” and meditation.



Though this class was billed as 1-2 level, beginners beware. After we finished our opening “om,” we moved for a solid 45 minutes straight without a child’s pose in sight. After a few sun salutations, we moved into a sequence that we built upon round after round. With options to take deeper variations of the core pose, more advanced students could kick it up a notch. To cap off class, we did a quick balancing pose and a few backbends and inversions on the mat. The class flew by, and we really appreciated the extended savasana. For the 60 minute version of this class, prepare for a little less time with the standing series or a rushed balancing pose.


Caroline is a seasoned teacher who knows how the body should move in a yoga class. By hitting us with clear cueing and working with us to get deeper into poses or find our modification, we felt like we were in a private class. Though we did a bit of balancing and a lot of sun salutations, Caroline’s class didn’t offer us as much flowing as we would have liked in a one hour period. 


With two locations within two blocks of each other, the P street is the OG studio. The building is old, but has the character of an old school yoga studio–that vibe where you might walk into a cloud of incense or get offered some homemade granola at any moment. We were, however, into the complimentary tea and animal crackers. Unlike the 14th Street location, P Street has three studio spaces to host multiple classes at one time (though it doesn’t seem that they ever have three working at once). There aren’t any hot classes offered here either, so hop around the corner to 14th Street for some heat.

Flow Yoga Center P Street

1450 P St NW, Washington, DC 20005
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Flow Yoga Center P Street

Logan Circle Yoga, $$

1450 P St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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