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Washington D.C.HIIT, Bootcamp


byTori Scott, June 25, 2018

“Double Clap – TEAM – Double clap – TEAM!” Cut 7’s motivational platform and battle cry was ringing in our ears after our first sweat at this one-of-a-kind boutique gym. Cut 7 prides itself on “the precision of personal training within a team setting.” This was apparent in every aspect of the gym, from “The hardest shit we do in life cannot be done alone” motivational tagline on the lobby wall to the language used by the instructor throughout class. The workout left us adjusting our ponytail into a tight top knot after one circuit around the room ‘cause the sweat was pouring. The instructor gave us a good laugh during her locker room-esque pump up speech and the studio had us feeling like a CrossFit gym and NFL training ground had a love child, what with artificial turf covering the entire studio and the black lights giving our yellow sports bra that neon glow.

We left feeling challenged and sweaty but, knowing the founders’ prowess as DC’s hottest fitness couple, we left wondering why we didn’t feel absolutely wrecked, crawling out the door. Regardless, we’ll certainly be back for a second class as we were only so lucky to hit legs and back.  We’re excited to see what their Heart Day and Rebuild days have to offer.



In keeping with Cut 7’s theme of teamwork makes the dream work, we first warmed up as a team and then split into four teams to complete station work. The shape of the room is a bit odd; almost triangular with a few alcoves. It’s a little different but ended up flowing well.  

Our warmup consisted of a few jogging laps, high knees, bear crawls, side shuffles, short sprints, karaoke, and one legged burpees. Definitely got the heart pumping, and these drills took us back to our P.E. days when we’d karaoke up and down the basketball court before practice.

Afterwards, our coach, Katie, took us through each station and demoed the movements. There were four stations that focused on two muscle groups – back and legs. Station one included 10 single arm kettlebell high pulls (each side) and 20 kettlebell reverse lunges. Station two had 15 dumbbell rows (each side) and 12 weighted pause squats. Station three had 15 banded rows and two weighted (hopefully) sled pushes. Station four was 16 TRX flys and 20 single leg running man (each side). The single leg running man was the only movement we’ve never experienced in a class: on a 20 in you placed our right leg for stabilization then as if you were running drove your left leg up and down.

We finished class with a short burnout of both muscle groups and a quick stretch. Katie congratulated us and the one other newbie on a job well done and the entire class gave us a clap!


Katie won us over in a split second when, during her locker pre-game pump up speech, she wished us well on achieving that leg pump we were all so deserving of on a beautiful Friday morning. We’ve heard of achieving an arm pump … but a leg pump? We were in!

Katie found time to introduce us at the beginning of class, correct form during our sled push, and engage the entire class in giving us a clap after class was over. She definitely had this coach thing down and us all high fiving like the team we were.

A solid 90’s pop playlist got us through class along with Katie’s timely cues and check ins on individual team members.


Located just off of Logan Circle, the entrance to Cut 7 can be easily spotted thanks to the billboard-sized black and red letters across the blacked out studio windows. The studio has the boutique gym feel but didn’t need all the fancy bells and whistles to make it stand out.

Upon entry, we were a bit shocked at the size of the lobby. Small would be generous. There is no check in desk or computer in sight. Instead, a woman with an iPad will check you in and give you the rundown on the studio if it’s your first time. There’s a counter with a few bar chairs to wait in before class. Intimacy is key here, as the lobby served as the perfect environment in which to meet our “teammates” before heading into class. There’s a small merch wall on the right with a Cut Seven activewear line from Koral (one of our favorites) The studio has bathrooms but no showers, which might be a little problematic if you are a morning workout goer. You will be dripping in sweat post workout so don’t expect to slip into the office straight from this studio. There are a few small self-locking lockers and cubbies to put your belongings in.

Cut Seven

1101 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001
Logan Circle HIIT $$$

Cut Seven

Logan Circle HIIT, Bootcamp $$$

1101 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

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