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byJessica Tepper, March 18, 2018

Adding TRX straps to barre brings things to a new level and takes the ‘burn’ to new heights. Your arms get worked harder, your planks become more difficult (as if that was even possible) and lunges get more exciting! If you’re a barre fiend you should mix in a suspend class for sure!



Just like a regular barre class we engaged every part of our body within the 55 minutes of work. Legs, core and arms, we hit ‘em all. Each exercise we did had an ‘advanced’ option which we totally appreciated, because sometimes you just need to get after it. Go big or go home, right? Lunges forward and back become a jump lunge, a suspended plank becomes a suspended mountain climber. If you opt for the advanced option you will definitely get your heart rate up! Suspended arm work makes you feel super toned because you can truly feel your muscles engaging. Leg work requires more core stability to keep your balance. Almost everything we did was simultaneously working our core to maintain balance. Hello multi-tasking! Just like barre the class is designed for any fitness level and can be modified to each person.


Mary effortlessly flowed through each exercise on the mic which made the class go by super-fast. She floated through the room, without interrupting the class, adjusting people ever so slightly to make sure that their form was on point. She clearly has some experience teaching.


The studio is located in a strip mall with tons of parking, which is always a plus. Changing rooms, cubbies, and a fully stocked bathroom (there was literally any product you could need from dry shampoo to hand sanitizer) is available to you. The studio itself is super sleek and impeccably clean. The TRX straps were placed before hand cueing each class-goer where to stand. The only piece of equipment needed was a mat we used for core work toward the end of class. Socks are required at Xtend Barre, but if you ever forget yours, they’re available to buy at the studio!

Xtend Barre Burlington

62 Second Ave, Burlington, MA 01803
Suburbs Barre $$$

Xtend Barre Burlington

Suburbs Barre, $$$

62 Second Ave, Burlington, MA 01803

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