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byJessica Tepper, December 29, 2017

Let’s be real, there’s a stigma about the burbs not ‘bringing it’ it like the city does. The thought is that you won’t sweat as much, work as hard, or get as toned. Put that idea out of your mind when you step into Barre N9ne and get ready to ‘werk.’ Maura brought the heat, (we actually saw some fog on the mirrors) and gave us a new appreciation for light-weight high rep work. Get ready to shake uncontrollably.



“Toned, Firm, Fit & Ready” is one of those classes you can never prepare for since it varies class to class depending on what the instructor chooses to focus on. Similar to a barre class we worked our entire body from top to bottom with small isometric movements that got our bodies shaking like we’d never worked out before. Maura brought things to the next level with LOTS of reps of each exercise. There was a point where lifting a 2 pound weight an inch felt impossible! We may have hobbled out of the studio, but we never felt better. Hello skinny jeans!


Maura is pint sized and TONED. She got down to business the second that headset went on by directing the room and effortlessly moving from one exercise to the next. We barely had time to realize that we could no longer feel our legs! The playlist had a solid beat to count to and Maura did the entire class with us – giving us solid demos and only taking breaks to provide hands on corrections to deepen our work. If our arms look like hers after a few classes, we’re in!


Finding Barre N9ne is a little confusing due to the lack of signage and a shared entry way with another studio, but they have solid directions listed on their website so that you won’t walk into some random location. The actual studio is super sleek and clean looking. All of the mats, hand weights and props are brand spanking new too. Socks aren’t required at this studio- you can go barefoot if you like. There’s ample parking too!

barre n9ne Woburn

25 Olympia Avenue, Woburn, MA 01801
Suburbs Barre $$

barre n9ne Woburn

Suburbs Barre, $$

25 Olympia Avenue, Woburn, MA 01801

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