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byTori Scott, December 29, 2017

Three studios. Three different locations. Three completely different experiences. Rejoice! It turns out, third time’s finally a charm for the crew of Turnstyle Cycle. At the South End location, don’t expect the down and dirty “Velo-City” experience from Back Bay, and don’t expect the intimate neighborhood feel from Kendall in Cambridge. The modern, sleek, two-story space left us for the first time in Boston boutique-fitness history not plastered against the wall trying to navigate the studio.



As far as spin classes go, the workout was well-balanced. We got a little bit of everything, and kudos for that! Our legs were a-burning thanks to plenty of sprints and hills. Add in a hefty dose of advanced choreography, including tap backs, push ups, four corners, double taps, crunches and the dreaded isolation, and the workout ante was upped with legs cycling in swing to the beat of the music.

We were happy to see the old spin shoes tossed in the trash and replaced with new ones now set up with Look Delta Clips. Too technical for ya? All you need to know is this is a good thing; so be happy, smile and enjoy clipping in with ease.


Maggi is so good, people were clamoring to get in to her Monday class. At 6am. The class was so full, Maggi even gave her instructor bike away. Much respect. Although Maggi wasn’t even on the bike, she was still able to provide a high-energy, challenging spin class. It was actually really impressive. Through verbal cues alone, she kept the packed class on the beat and synced with choreography. Great tunes, great energy…Maggi is legit! Just make sure you sign up early to ride with this fan-favorite.


The Turnstyle Cycle location in the South End (Ink Block) is flat-out huge. We’re still running the numbers in our head, wondering how in hell the owners are affording primetime rent next to Whole Foods whilst charging $14 a class. But hey, we weren’t math majors.

The space sprawls two floors. The spin and bootcamp studios occupy most of the ground floor along with plenty of self-locking lockers, two changing stalls and a bathroom. The second floor hosts three showers, changing stalls and vanities.

Turnstyle Cycle Ink Block

300 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118
South End Spin $$

Turnstyle Cycle Ink Block

South End Spin, Bootcamp $$

300 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118

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