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byKelsey Schachter, September 8, 2017

CorePower Yoga Ink Block has made its South End debut and it’s everything we’ve been waiting for. In typical CorePower fashion, the studio is beautiful and the classes are tough. Yoga Sculpt is hot yoga meets bootcamp, and it’s exactly as intense as it sounds. Direct quote from a fellow yogi leaving Yoga Sculpt class: “This is the sweatiest I have ever been!” Right there with you, sista.



Yoga Sculpt begins like many yoga classes: on the mat in extended Child’s Pose then moving into a few rounds of Cat and Cow. But don’t let the gentle warm up fool you; the music changes and in the words of Jay Z: “It’s about to go down.”

No time is wasted, and within the first five minutes of class, we were holding plank poses while toe tapping to the beat of Queen B’s “Sorry” (which just happens to be our all-time favorite). If anyone is getting us to hold that plank longer, it’s Beyoncé. Next up are bodyweight squats moving in time with the beat. Two count squats to start then picking up the pace to singles. Three rounds of that and your legs are feeling it! Class then shifts back to more of the yoga side, including a Vinyasa (a sequence of poses from plank to Chaturanga to Upward-Facing Dog to Downward-Facing Dog) and flowing through Crescent Lunge, Warrior II, Reverse Warrior II and then back through another Vinyasa. We moved through this sequence quickly in preparation for sculpting both of our sides–this is where dumbbells get added!

Get ready to dumbbell fly from Chair Pose, dumbbell curl into Warrior II, and dumbbell hammer curl while holding Horse. The added difficulty of weights while holding these poses is a killer but the music bumping kept us going. Grab a drink of water and prepare yourself for the cardio round coming up. We’re talking burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, football runs, butt kickers–basically, all the exercises we love to hate.

Only two more songs left in class, but we were not getting off easy. In case we didn’t get enough of an arm workout earlier, there’s a full song dedicated to bodyweight arm movements. Don’t be the one who cheats the arm workouts, your tank tops will thank you later! And finally, abs. You’re tired. This burns like crazy. But you’ve come this far, so pump out those bicycle crunches!

The last two minutes returned to a traditional yoga class, ending all the pain of our weary bodies in Savasana while breathing and reflecting on the hard work accomplished. The awesome music that has played throughout class continues to play as you lie still, so if reflecting isn’t your thing, you can just quietly jam out. Class ends in a cross-legged pose and a group “Namaste.” We all shakily roll up our sweaty mats and get ready to take on the day.


Hands down Steph is our favorite Yoga Sculpt instructor. Her music is on point (seriously, where does she find all the best remixes?) Above all, her ability to perfectly time the movements in class to the beat of the music makes all the difference. When she tells you to speed up your squats at the same time the beat drops, no questions asked our booties are hitting the floor. Steph strikes a great balance between the intensity of a bootcamp style class with the flexibility you find in a yoga class. She pushes her students to work hard but also offers variations for those who need it. You can find Steph at both Ink Block and Packards Corner CorePower locations. Don’t be surprised to see a packed class, as she’s known for being one of the best in Boston.


CorePower’s latest and greatest space at Ink Block is all shiny and new. Although smaller than the other CorePower studios we’ve visited, we’ll let that slide for the convenience this new South End location offers. You walk into the standard CorePower retail space filled with all the must have apparel brands like Alo, Alter Ego, lululemon and Spiritual Gangster. Make a beeline to the check-in desk if you’re looking to avoid the temptations–we can’t always resist! The ladies behind the desk are super friendly and make you feel right at home. The locker rooms are sparkling but slightly tight on space. There are lockers (bring your own lock), four showers, towels for rent, shampoo/conditioner, lotion, Q-tips, hair dryers, brushes, straighteners, deodorant, hair spray and tampons; the only things missing are plastic bags for your sweaty clothes.

All the rooms at CorePower Yoga Ink Block have wood floors and the walls are covered with mirrors, which is a little controversial for the yogi world. Some think having the visual is helpful for alignment, others think it’s super distracting and visually everyone looks different in postures so it shouldn’t matter how you look. You decide for yourself what you prefer.

CorePower Yoga Ink Block

36 Traveler Street Boston, MA 02118
South End Yoga $$$

CorePower Yoga Ink Block

South End Yoga, $$$

36 Traveler Street Boston, MA 02118

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