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byCarolyne McManama, January 22, 2017

You’ve probably already heard by now that we’re major fans of the Turnstyle Cycle South End location. So we were pumped when the opportunity presented itself to head to their original location, Turnstyle Cycle in Back Bay and experience where it all began at Velo-City. But please, don’t make the same mistake we did; Velo-City is NOT TurnStyle. The facility, equipment, amenities and overall vibe is not that of its spin sister. But if we were to recommend a studio to our baes that are new to spin or want an unintimidating studio, the depths of the basement on Fairfield Street might be just the place.



No surprises here, Velo-City followed the same format as almost every spin studio in Boston:  rolling hills, a few sprints, one big steep climb, arms and a few more sprints to take it home. It was also the usual suspects for choreography: push-ups, crunches and tap-backs. In this particular class, the choreography was basic and minimal, but we don’t always find that to be a bad thing.  In this case, it allowed us to focus on our legs and “hit the beat” every time. It’s actually pretty refreshing to take a no-fuss spin class where you feel in control, not flailing around trying to keep up. We would recommend this instructor to our friends who don’t feel comfortable with choreography.  Our advanced ladies and gents? Eh, maybe pass.

The M.O. of Velo-City (and Turnstyle) is themed rides. We like this. It’s nice to know what type of music you’ll be listening to for a 45-minute workout.  The theme of our morning ride was KE$HA, A$AP ROCKY & TY DOLLA $IGN. See what they did there? Anyways, the music was On. Point.


Heather was pretty good.  As we already mentioned, she didn’t throw in every type of choreo possible, but that’s cool with us. Her class was simple, yet solid.  The class was basically empty, so we give props to Heather for keeping the intensity high and the energy positive.  It can’t be easy trying to motivate a handful of sleepy spin bitches at 7 a.m. And let us reiterate our note above–her music choices were on FIRE.


Oy. Where do we start? The studio facility is definitely the downfall of Velo-City. Although the location is prime, right between Boylston and Newbury in Back Bay, the studio itself is lacking. It’s located in the basement of an office building, so it lacks natural light and, well, windows. The spin room is big which means that the bikes are spread out, allowing you to tap back and not feel as though your behind is in someone else’s face. Also, no showers. Bottom line: Velo-City could use a little extra dose of Turnstyle.

Note: When booking classes online you are not able reserve your bike ahead of time so make sure to get there early to jockey for the bike you want. The studio does supply you with free shoe rental so you don’t have to worry about lugging your spin shoes around town.

Turnstyle Cycle Back Bay

43 Fairfield St, Boston, MA 02116
Back Bay Spin $

Turnstyle Cycle Back Bay

Back Bay Spin $

43 Fairfield St, Boston, MA 02116

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