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byKelsey Schachter, February 25, 2018

Fun new activity to try out with your girlfriends! AntiGravity at Swet followed by brunch at nearby Myers+Chang would make for the perfect Boston weekend morning with your squad. The beginner class was certainly not a killer workout, so we will have to give the advance class a try and see if that burns more. The Beginner class also doesn’t spend as much time upside down in the hammocks as we were expecting. Though hanging upside down did offer a different perspective, it didn’t quite replace the centered feeling we experience during a traditional savasana.



There were some challenging parts of AntiGravity, particularly in regards to core strength but being totally new to this style of yoga, much of class is spent going over the basics. We started with simply getting into the hammock, not as simple as you’d think. Then there is getting out of the hammock, of course you can just step out but that’s not what we came here for. Cue “Came Here for Love” to get us pumped up to go for the back flip! Veronika walked us through step by step how to properly position the hammock on your body, making the idea of flipping upside down much less terrifying…and we nailed it! By the end of the 60 minute class we were comfortably hanging upside down in monkey pose, which just so happens to be very instagrammable.


Veronika was great, she was working with a wide range of skill levels yet was able to provide clear instruction to the class and keep things moving. Her demos were super helpful and made hanging upside down by a fabric hammock seem way less intimidating.  Safety was a huge priority, so Veronika thoroughly demoed all the poses before having any newbies try it out. Having yoga experience definitely helped us to understand some of the queues and just general body awareness. This must have showed, Veronika gave us a shout out mid-way through class referring to us as her “yogis”. We didn’t hate the praise.


The space at Swet Studio functioned perfectly well for the class but just didn’t wow us. There was plenty of room for the class, all the equipment was clean and in good condition. What was lacking was the changing area/bathrooms. Just a small corner with cubbies, curtained off changing spaces, and only a single bathroom. Because we didn’t work up much of a sweat in the beginner class the lack of shower didn’t hurt our brunching plans.

Swet Studio

480 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02118
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Swet Studio

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480 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02118

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