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byCarolyne McManama, September 10, 2018

Barry’s Bootcamp is (self proclaimed as) the “best workout in the world”…and we can’t say we disagree. The newest Back Bay location did not disappoint. Candice was a drill sergeant as we bounced back-and-forth from treadmill to weights. For an entire hour. By the end of class, we were absolutely gassed. And we loved every second of it.



The workout was split into three rounds – 2 ten minute sections and 1 eight minute section. Round 1 – For our first 10 minutes, we were on the tread. Candice didn’t start slow and warm us up. We spent the first 10 minutes of class were running at relatively high speeds (around a 7) and increasing incline (up to a 4). The floor portion of this section included lots of curls, overhead presses and some weighted Russian twists.

Round 2 – For round 2, Candice upped the speed and incline on the tread. No like…really. We were running at speeds as high as 8.5 and hit an increase of 8%. We literally wanted to die. But after 10 minutes, back to the floor. This time, we held an inverted plank, did tricep extensions and heavy Concentration Curls. You know, the type of curl Arnold would have done when training in the 1980’s. Our biceps were poppin’!

Round 3 – Finally. By this time, we were already toast, but Candice pushed us to finish the class strong. The final 8 minutes on the tread was all-out sprinting in 30 second intervals. Yeah. We could barely walk off that treadmill. The final floor series included curls with a band. We started off slow and then increased the pace. You know, just a final dose of cardio to end class!


We gotta say – it’s actually quite impressive how Candice can handle a room. Instructing a Barry’s class is almost like running two classes at once. You have a group on the treads and a group on the floor, both doing completely different things. Candice flawlessly and confidently barked orders and gave direction. She was very clear in her instruction and also provided demonstration for floor movements. She has a no-excuses attitude which kept us motivated for the full hour.


The third – and newest – Boston installment of the cult favorite Barry’s Bootcamp opened in Back Bay. The location is prime, nestled between the Pru and Back Bay Station. As expected from a national franchise, the studio is huge and gorgeous, equipped with a juice bar that would make Juice Press weak in the knees. The workout room itself is quite large, with over 20 treads and floor stations. You can also expect the classic Barry’s atmosphere -brick, mirrors and red lighting.

The women’s locker room offers tons of lockers, two bathrooms and five showers. They also have ample counter space and hair dryers, ideal for getting ready for work in the morning. And don’t forget to check out the two merch walls at the studio entrance. We’re eyeing a Barry’s cropped sweatshirt for fall 🙂

Barry’s Bootcamp Back Bay

455 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116
Back Bay HIIT $$$

Barry’s Bootcamp Back Bay

Back Bay Bootcamp, HIIT $$$

455 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116

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