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byCarolyne McManama, October 30, 2017

Btone South Boston is newest addition to the Boston fitness community. Conveniently located right next to Loco, it’s the perfect spot to detox before you retox with a few Coco Margs. The studio is on the second floor of a newly renovated building and the space is beautiful. Oh, and the Southie location has new and improved Megaformers.



Tone at Btone South Boston should be renamed “Beach Body Workout.” We hit all the spots you want for your bikini bod on the m – inner thighs, outer thighs, core and (most importantly) BOOTY. Our instructor, Ana, led us through three sections of class – core, arms and legs. And none of it was easy. The core section included bear, planks with twists and some side crunches.

Then to arms. Which were sneaky hard. We had to stabilize our bods while performing shoulder presses, curls and chest flies. It turned out to be a double-dose of abs!

We moved around the Megaformer to perform lots of single leg exercises. We focused mostly on the hammies and butt. Exactly what we were hoping for.


Ana was a rock star. Her class was a great balance of challenging and approachable. There seemed to be a few newbies in class, but Ana had a constant pulse on the crew. She instructed and modified where needed. Ana’s class style was also awesome. We certainly felt the burn, but still enjoyed ourselves. Not an easy task!


btone South Boston is located on the second floor of a brand new building. The space itself is small, but lovely with large windows to let light in and extremely clean. The studio is set-up similarly to the Back Bay location, with Megaformers taking up the majority of the space and a small desk area. There is a small area near the desk for cubbies (no lockers here) and minimal retail merchandise for purchase. There is no rowing room at this location. Also – no showers or designated changing rooms. Only two single bathrooms.

btone South Boston

416 West Broadway, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02127
South Boston Pilates $$$

btone South Boston

South Boston Pilates, $$$

416 West Broadway, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02127

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