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byJessica Tepper, June 25, 2017

If barre and cardio had a baby, it would be C2 Body’s BeatBarre. If you’re an OG barre gal who’s a stickler for form this class might not be what you’re used to, however if you’re searching for an awesome combo class look no further! With exposed beam ceilings and an Anthropologie-esque decor, C2 Body barre studio is the definition of ‘boutique’ located just on the edge of Southie.



Like most barre classes, we focused on each part of the body for about 3-5 minutes with small isometric movements to get our muscles to tone and shake. Unlike most barre classes, Beat Barre snuck in some serious cardio. Our warm up was full of squats and some arm work followed by barre thigh exercises. The pattern of cardio followed by barre work stayed true throughout class as we chiseled our thighs, inner and outer seat, and abs with some added challenge thanks to specific equipment (ball between thighs, elastic band around thighs, glider under working leg, etc.) Constantly switching between full range movements to small ones has us constantly working and class flew by!


Steph, no joke, did the entire class with us as she threw around a joke or two getting the group to chuckle at just the right time… Nothing like a few laughs to enhance your ab series 😉 We were super impressed by her stamina to not only verbally cue the group, but also do each exercise full out at the same time! Minimal form direction was given before each exercise over the mic, but because she performed literally every exercise with us a quick glance in her direction cleared up confusion.


C2 Body barre studio is an intimate space with a hardwood floor and exposed brick walls giving it some character. As you walk in the front door there’s a small lobby with some cubbies for belongings and a few retail items for sale (like sticky socks in case you forgot yours!) to your left, while the rest of the room is the studio itself. There’s a small bathroom in the back as well, but truly the digs remind us of someone’s apartment rather than a fitness studio, which we’re totally down with!

C2 Body

840 Summer St, South Boston, Boston, MA 02127
South Boston Pilates $$$$

C2 Body

South Boston Pilates, Barre $$$$

840 Summer St, South Boston, Boston, MA 02127

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