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byTori Scott, November 12, 2017

One gripe we’ve always had with the EverybodyFights Seaport location is that you walk into the gym and just feel flat out overwhelmed. The space is large and open and if you aren’t a regular you most likely feel totally lost. Well problem solved. Enter EverybodyFights FIDI.  What the Seaport location lacks in intimacy, FIDI makes up for and then some, all the while still feeling 100% on brand. There was clearly no expense spared here. The design, build out, customer experience, and overall aesthetic should be taught in a Branding 101 course at HBS. At one point, between throwing punches and gasping for air, we caught ourselves staring at all the metal work… damn, this place is nice.



There is nothing overly complicated about TRAINx360, nor does there need to be. The class is a carefully crafted combination of cardio, strength, and boxing training. Our workout was “Brawler style,” which if you don’t know, means “ALL OUT”. There were 10 stations where we performed different exercises at each station. We worked for :30 and then rested for :10 and repeated that 4 times at each station. Our warm up consisted of a demo and practice of each exercise and then it was off to our stations which consisted of:

1. Squat + Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull
2. Pistols (1 Legged Squat)
3. Rowing
4. Rev Lunge with Med Ball + Jump Squat
5. Mitt Master – 4 upper cuts and right hook, left hook (Instead of rest it was high knees)
6. Speed bag (Instead of rest it was Jump Squats)
7. Heavy Bag – 4 upper cuts and right hook, left hook (Instead of rest it was high knees)
8. Body Bag – All out (Instead of rest it was Jump Squats)
9. Reverse Lunge with Dumbbell Curl
10. Med Ball Slam + Jump Squat
11. Airdyne

We cashed out with some light core work and a team cheer, “everybody…FIGHTS”

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “that’s a shit ton of leg work” – and yes, in fact, it was. But because the TRAINx360 workout changes weekly we know that if you consistently show up everyday and FIGHT you’re going to hit different muscle groups and improve your overall fitness. It’s not leg day everyday.


Shane may look like he’s barely pushing 18 (he later confirmed he’s 23) but he sure as hell knows how to command a class and make you work. “You got to want it!”  He repeated time and again which was a constant reminder to suck it up and push harder. He gave very clear instruction, demoed all the movements, and even made us commit the movements to our muscle memory before hitting go. He was diligent about circling the room and making his presence known. There was not a lot of form correction, so all of you sticklers out there, understand that Shane’s class is more about the workout than perfecting technique. Music highlight? December, 1963 (Oh What A Night). We didn’t take Shane for a Frankie Valli fan, but hey, we dug it!


Oolaalaa! We are swooning over Everybody Fights FIDI. Can you tell? When you walk into the gym on street level you are greeted by the front desk staff. Regulars can swipe their key cards or simply check in on the handy ipads available. Not techy? No worries, there were plenty of front desk staff members available to help you. The main workout space used for the TRAIN classes is large, open, and anchored by a boxing ring in the center. The BAG room is to the left off the main floor and houses 50 bags! Upstairs you will find the ROAD room with treadmills and floor space.

Men’s and Women’s locker rooms are located at the back of the main floor. There have self locking lockers, which at the moment do not have any numbers on them. The numberless lockers did make it hard to remember which was ours, but we have been told they are adding famous boxer names to help you identify which locker is yours (cute!). There are six showers and three bathrooms inside each locker room. Towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair dryers and other amenities are provided. One thing to note is that even though six women’s showers seems like a lot, the class sizes are huge so there are still lines (sorry ladies!). As we said before, it seems like no expense was spared in this build out – even the toilet paper holders were cool recycled iron pipes. Details. Details.

EverybodyFights FIDI

1 Federal Street, Boston MA 02110
Financial District Spin $$$$

EverybodyFights FIDI

Financial District HIIT, Boxing, Rowing, Running, Spin $$$$

1 Federal Street, Boston MA 02110

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