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byTiffany Hoffman, December 9, 2018

Yoga Six is a boutique yoga and fitness studio featuring a variety of classes, such as Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Bootcamp, Sculpt & Deep Stretch, so you can always find the type of workout you’re looking for. The space is beautiful and well-situated within Liberty Station. With full locker rooms on-site, it’s the perfect spot to flow and then hit up Moniker General for a matcha latte.



Truth be told, a traditional Vinyasa Flow is hard to find these days. With the increased popularity of heated and core-based classes, yoga has really taken on a new form. Although there was a short core burst about halfway through, the class kept true to the vinyasa form and stayed unheated. The class provided two different flows that steadily built upon each other. Class started with everyone seated on a block and then transitioned to table top and eventually our flow, completing a total of three flows per side before the sequence changed. There were lots of twists and stretches and opportunities to increase difficulty throughout the class. The instructor had us grab blocks from the get-go, enabling us to truly customize our movements. We ended the class in a nice long savasana. Although a nice workout, it was not the most challenging. We would suggest doing this to complement your more intense workouts or when your body needs a nice stretch.


Ariel was upbeat but also had one of those soothing yoga voices. She led us gracefully through the flow, stopping on her mat to demonstrate the more complex movements. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet her as she was not at the front desk when we checked in and was chatting in the office behind the front desk when we left. Also, at the end of the class she encouraged us to go follow her band’s Spotify page, and to check out an event at a competing yoga studio. As much as we love to support our local yogis, it seemed a little inappropriate at the time.


Yoga Six is in Point Loma, in the happening Liberty Station. Even though the website told us it was behind Trader Joe’s, we had a little bit of a hard time finding the actual studio as there are quite a few businesses located behind Trader Joe’s. Once we found it, we were greeted by a large and peaceful lobby with couches, retail space and a large check-in desk. There are two studio rooms, as well as both male and female locker rooms. The locker room is clean and tidy, with showers and plenty of space. Please note there are not pre-existing locks on the doors, but they do provide them at the front desk. The studio room where Vinyasa was held had fantastic lighting and rubbery type floors (which apparently are better for your body). Overall, this was a perfect place to hold yoga with great lighting and clean accents.

A little side note: this was our first time at the studio and we received no run-down or tour of the studio. Yes, we were running a bit late from struggling to find the studio, but normally when you are new, someone will go out of their way to give you more information, even if it’s after class. The personal interaction was very limited and definitely lacking.

Yoga Six Liberty Station

2850 Womble Rd Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92106
Point Loma Yoga $$$

Yoga Six Liberty Station

Point Loma Yoga, $$$

2850 Womble Rd Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92106

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